9 Years

I should have some profound thoughts about lasting 9 years. But I don’t.

My less-than profound thoughts are:

9 years is a long time. It probably feels a lot longer to me than it would for many people (I keep hearing people say “time flies” but around me it never does), but it’s a long time in softwareland. Especially handheld software land. We’ve outlived a lot of companies – every time I go through old papers or business cards I’m amazed at the companies who have quietly disappeared, or dropped out of the PDA market.

I have no idea what the next year will bring, except change. This has been true every anniversary (OK, every day) so far, so this isn’t anything new.

I’m sure some of what’s helped us last so long is the fabulous support from our loyal users and friends in the press, so even though this blog isn’t really public yet, I have to say thanks so much to everyone who’s helped. You know who you are.