Our New Online Service

Today we released our newest online service, PassBuilder.com. It’s a free password generator program that can create unique passwords based on the different criteria that users choose. It’s really great – it lets people pick lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. They can even choose to get a memory aid when they generate their password – which is important these days, when nobody has just one password to remember! I admit, for some things that I need a password for on my home computer, I still use jumbled versions of my cats’ names and book titles. Maybe now that PassBuilder is out, I’ll go home tonight and fix some of those passwords online!

Another great thing about this new service is that it works with or without JavaScript enabled in your browser, and it works great on mobile devices too. So now, wherever anyone goes, they can visit PassBuilder and create new passwords at the drop of a hat.

One thought on “Our New Online Service

  1. Kevin White

    Another (geeky) thing about PassBuilder is that the JavaScript version works using AJAX technologies. In other words, when you push the generate button, your screen doesn’t refresh as it contacts our server. Instead, it contacts our server and runs the (significantly larger) password generator, which then sends back the password and the JavaScript displays it for you without having to get a new webpage.

    Of course, we could have put the entire password generator code in the JavaScript but then:

    a) it would make the page load time a lot higher, which would be unfortunate for PDA users who have javascript-capable browsers such as Opera and metered internet access

    and b) someone could just download it and set it up somewhere else less reputable.

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