Meet (another) Member of the Staff

Hi, I’m Julie. I’ve been working at Ilium Software since last September, and I help work on the website and marketing end of things. I also help answer the phones when everyone in support gets swamped. So, if any out there ever calls and gets me, you might not get technical help right away, but I am great at taking messages!

Besides working on the web site here, I am still going to school, online, for a degree in web development, so I am pretty much in front of a computer screen either here or at home, about 12 hours a day. Of course, I’m not complaining, really – I’m glad that there is such a thing as online school. I don’t know if I would be able to work here and attend a traditional college – there just isn’t much flexibility in on-site schools, but the Internet is always open.

I have to admit, before I started working at Ilium Software, I didn’t know much at all about PDAs. I mean, I’d heard about them, seen commercials and ads, but I couldn’t have told you the difference between a Pocket PC and a Palm handheld to save my life. Of course, it’s not like they always make it easy out there, as in the new Palm Treo 700w Smartphone, which actually runs a Pocket PC operating system. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s ever been confused by handheld devices. So I’m really glad that I’m starting to understand more about mobile devices and that I am able to use them when I need to around here – the world is definitely becoming more mobile, and wireless, and all those other technological-type adjectives.

I was reading an article on the Just Another Mobile Monday blog about students in a New Jersey high school who are going to be issued tablet PCs in the Fall, and man! if that’s not proof right there about how important it’s becoming to understand how to live in a technological world. When I was in high school, I only had one or two teachers who wouldn’t accept reports that weren’t typed – the rest still took handwritten work. In my house, we had a Brother word processor with this tiny screen that displayed gold text on a black background only, and I thought I was so cool when I used that thing to type stuff up! I can’t even imagine using a school-issued tablet PC with Internet access to turn in my work and talk to my teachers. Not going to be very good news for those kids who don’t like to turn in their work – no more excuses, like the article said.

So, that’s me. Probably one of the least tech-savvy people who happened to ever stumble into this line of work, but I’m getting better.

One thought on “Meet (another) Member of the Staff

  1. PatrickJ

    Hey Julie – thanks for the mention of the post. Know what you mean about how odd it is to think of students using all this amazing technology, and to think there are almost no excuses left for not having that homework done. Although, I work in IT and support, so I’m thinking the students will adapt pretty quick and before ya know it they’ll have hard drive crashes, spyware, connectivty issues etc to roll out as reasons for lagging behind on assignments …

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