Fun with Market Analytics

The two leading analysts in the mobile space, IDC and Gartner, came out with their quarterly reports this week:

Gartner Says PDA Shipments Reached Record High in Second Quarter of 2006

Worldwide Handheld Market Experiences Tenth Quarter of Year-Over-Year Decline, According to IDC

I know, they definite “PDA” and “Handheld Market” differently, but general, it’s why I don’t put much faith in what the analysts say. That and the fact that their predictions have been consistently wrong about the mobile market for the last 13 years, starting with the Newton.

2 thoughts on “Fun with Market Analytics

  1. Kevin White

    I like the Gartner report. By ‘like’, I mean, ‘think it is utter BS.’

    Check this out:

    “Notes: Totals do not include smartphones, such as the Treo 700w and BlackBerry 71xx, but include cellular PDAs, such as the iPAQ 69xx and Nokia E61.
    Source: Gartner Dataquest (August 2006)”

    Also, in the same vein:

    “Palm’s PDA shipments declined 27 percent from the same period last year. However, Gartner analysts pointed out that this wasn’t such a bad performance considering that Palm has not introduced any new PDAs since late 2005, and the company is focused on the Treo. Treo shipments totaled 656,000, but these are excluded from Gartner’s PDA numbers because they are smartphones.”

    ***The Treo 700w and the iPAQ 69xx are the exact same type of device***.

    They are both Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Phone Edition devices. Nothing makes the Treo 700w more of a ‘smartphone’ than the iPAQ 6900. Both are intended to be used on cellular networks, both use the same OS, both have keyboards, both have touch-screens. The 700w doesn’t have WIFI or GPS, but you can easily add either with expansion cards or bluetooth. The 6900 is GSM, which conceivably makes it more of a PDA since you can render it un-phone-usable by removing the SIM card, but even then you would still be able to dial 911 / your country’s choice of emergency number.

    I’m tempted to email this Christy Pettey and give Gartner a piece of my mind, but it’d probably accomplish nothing.

  2. Patrickj

    I absolutely agree – had been thinking of doing a post on this same subject – or at least how confusing all these reports seem to me. And I had especially noticed that same part where a Treo 700 is not counted in the figures, but the Ipaq 69xx is – completely daft.

    I also think we need much clearer terminology, or more standard use of terms – the definition of ‘smartphone’ is all over the place right now – with a number of different criteria for calling something a smartphone as opposed to PDA. Maybe that’s whay so many of us regularly talk about our ‘device’ …

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