Making the Switch…

Every day people contact us to change their software from one device type to another, Palm to Pocket PC, Pocket PC to Smartphone, Smartphone to Palm, etc.  I’m curious to know what drives this switch.  What single thing, or combination of things, makes people drop a perfectly usable, high-dollar device and buy a different one?

I started out PDA-dom with a Palm Kyocera 6035, but when I spent more time banging it on the desk in frustration than actually using it, I started looking at other devices.   I looked very hard at the Pocket PC phones, but the ones with the functionality I wanted were outside my price range (I will only pay so much for something I can lose or trash so easily!).  The interface for the Windows-Powered Smartphones gives me hives, so they weren’t even in the running, and that brought me right back to Palm.  Surprisingly, to me at least, the Treo suits my needs pretty well.

So what makes people switch to a completely different operating system?  Is it the promise of “better, cooler, faster”?     Is it “I hate this device, so that one has to be better”?   How much of your device choice is based on actual functionality of the device (“gotta have a phone and a thumb keyboard”), and how much is purely personal preference (“the Pocket PC is so easy to use, but the Palm is so alien!”)?

5 thoughts on “Making the Switch…

  1. Kevin White

    Even though I already made a post about my PDA history, here’s why I’ve switched:

    Palm IIIx -> Axim X5: The Palm died, and my roommate at the time was buying an Axim X5 for whatever reason, prompting me to buy one too. It ended up being used mostly as an MP3 player.

    Axim X5 -> Zire 31: I felt the Pocket PC was overkill for what I needed to do, plus I needed some money so I sold it. Then I found out that I couldn’t live without some way to write down my appointments. Hence, the Palm.

    Zire 31 -> SMT5600 smartphone: I never carried the zire around because it was Another Thing aside from my cellphone and my Conspicuous White MP3 Player. I’d played with some of the first models of smartphones at work and they were atrocious. I tried the latest (at the time), which was the SMT5600… and I was switching to Cingular anyway.

    SMT5600 -> Treo 650: Have you ever tried to write a lengthy note to yourself using either multi-tap or T9 text entry? Yeah. I ponied up retail, non-contract price for the Treo 650 and got exactly what I wanted.

  2. Catharine Bushnell

    I had one of the first Palms out and got up to the Palm III, but never felt the need to combine my phone and my organizer into one unit until a few years ago when my brother won a Motorola MPx200. He already had a Treo, so he gave the Motorola to me. Although I’m not enthralled with the speed, it does everything I need and the size is much better for me than the PDAs. Also, contrary to most opinions, I’m almost as fast with T9 as the people I know with the full keyboard.

    I know the MPx200 is way out of date, so I’m looking around, but I’m really ambivalent: as a Palm fan, I want the Treo, but all my software is Windows mobile, and the Q and the T-mobile SDA or Dash would run that and they seem to be reasonably comparable as far as my needs are concerned.

    I sync with Outlook, read books, do sms and e-mail, watch movies, and use ListPro and eWallet.

    So, do I let the hardware or the software dictate my next purchase? Treo, probably…

  3. Gary Wegener

    who cares? My question is how to move the ewallet data from a Palm OS to a windows PC pda. I switched from a palm m515 to an IPAC 2795. Had all my ‘stuff’ in ewallet on the palm, and bought the ewallet for the ipac, but can’t move the data. got an email from ilium in nov 06 on how to do it,but it doesn’t work. (btw, I miss the user friendliness of the palm, hands down 🙂 ).

  4. Marc

    Give us a call Gary. It’s toll free. 888-632-5388. If you have your data on your desktop getting it to the PDA is really simple. If it isn’t working we can help.

  5. Daniel

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