Turn Any Computer into Your Personal Computer

I just found out about this amazing new product called MojoPac that lets you shrink your personal computer so it fits in your pocket! If this sounds like a line from a really bad infomercial, trust me, it’s not; and if it doesn’t sound entirely believable, well, it is. Okay, MojoPac won’t literally shrink your computer, but it does let you install any of your programs, files, and personal settings on devices like iPods or USB drives, so you can access them safely from anywhere. Now, to switch back to infomercial mode: But wait, there’s more!

If you have eWallet on your Windows PC, you can install it on your MojoPac device and carry it with you, along with any of your other personal Windows PC programs and settings you want to add to MojoPac. When you combine the already strong security of eWallet with the safety of a MojoPac PC, you never have to worry that your personal information can be seen by anyone but you. When you disconnect your MojoPac device from another computer, all your data stays with you. You can look at your eWallet files just as if you were on your home computer, and it all stays safely on MojoPac.

Visit the MojoPac website to learn more about how MojoPac works, and what devices you can carry it on – including iPods, USB flash drives, and even some cell phone models.

You can also check out our Windows PC eWallet information to find out more about the program, and how it works alone or with MojoPac to protect your information and make it easy for you to access when you need it.