Please Don’t Photocopy Your Wallet

xcopy.pngI really hate it when people suggest photocopying your wallet contents for extra safety. Call me crazy (many people do) and paranoid (there’s some truth to that as well), but a photocopier is nothing but a scanner plus a printer. There’s no guarantee that your info is cleared out as soon as the pages are printed. If it’s your own copier in your own home office, fine, but if you take your wallet to Kinkos or CopyMax or any commercial place, keep in mind that what you’re doing is using their scanner to scan all the numbers you’re carefully protecting other places.

(If you don’t believe me, try this: go to a copy place. Take the paper out of the copier (or the tray you select for copying). “Copy” a few pages of something. The machine will scan your pages, and your images will stay in the copier memory until someone puts more paper in or hits clear.)

Buy eWallet. Buy a competitors’ wallet. Copy your numbers using paper and a pen. Photocopy them using your own home copier. But don’t go around telling people to photocopy their confidential information without giving them a little warning about how to do it. Somebody’s going to do this, walk away without all his pages, and give away his information by trying to protect it.