It’s crazy….but it just might work!

wallet120.jpgIt’s official! We’re going to hold an open beta for eWallet 5.0. Although we’ve been doing this software developing thing for quite awhile, we’ve never done an open beta before so we’re heading into uncharted territory. Will it be a smashing success? Will we regret it each and every day for the next couple of years? Only time will tell!

As soon as we’re ready I promise we’ll make some noise about the open beta so you can go grab your copy! In the meantime, for┬áthose of you who are reviewers and old friends, we’re sending emails this afternoon so you can get a sneak peek! If you don’t get one by tomorrow morning, drop us an email and we’ll set you up.

And as for this whole “open beta thing”, I’ll be sure to blog about it once eWallet is released so you can find out just how it went!