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iphone.jpgEverybody’s thinking and writing about the iPhone, so here’s my 2 cents worth ….

As a consumer – I never bought an iPod because my 2 top requirements for an mp3 player are that I can use it with gloves on (this is Michigan, and I walk to work), and that I can easily replace the battery (I may not have been born with a battery curse, but I’ve definitely picked one up somewhere, batteries tend to die when I’m nearby). The iPod doesn’t let me do either of those, and I doubt the iPhone will either.

As a developer – there’s not a definite statement that the iPhone won’t allow third-party apps, but that’s the way it looks. Too bad for us, if it’s true.

As a market watcher – Microsoft imitates a lot of Apple’s successes, but I can’t see them ever adopting the “closed to third-party apps” approach. Michael Mace wrote about the consumer vs. professional audience, and I think he’s called that exactly right. In fact, I think he’s written the best commentary on the whole thing, and anyone who’s interested in the iPhone and hasn’t read that yet should do so.

5 thoughts on “Random iPhone Thoughts

  1. spmwinkel

    I like the UI, scrolling and zooming, but of course that’s not nearly as important as being able to run SBSH and Ilium Software products on it. 😉

    So this is going to be a no no for me!

  2. Matthew Boyd

    First off, I would be very surprised if Apple chose not to support third party developers. Customization is a key feature I look for on every phone purchase that I make and I think a lot of people feel the same way. This includes the ability to install applications.

    The big disappointment for me was hearing that the iPhone [allegedly] lacks 3G. Granted, 3G isn’t supported everywhere, but in places that it is supported, it helps out with internet connection speeds. I don’t personally have a 3G device but my boss and coworker do and they both love it.

    The phone looks beautiful but it seems like it will fall short of the greatness that the iPod continues to maintain. It looks like it’s trying to harder to be an iPod than a mobile phone. I feel the same way about AppleTV. It just doesn’t wow me, mainly because it doesn’t look like it will have a TV tuner for DVR capabilities, but I may be wrong.

    On another note, I spoke with Kevin from technical support over the phone today. While we did not resolve the problem I’m having with my phone and the e-wallet software, Kevin was very helpful and nice I appreciate the great support and hopefully there will be a fix or workaround for my phone. The product is equally as good as the support. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!


  3. Kevin White

    I think the iPod fell short of the greatness when it was released – it was panned quite heavily, similar to how UMPCs were immediately disregarded by some of the internet media – but well, look how that turned out. It was 5GB, clunky, expensive, and only worked with Macs. Fast forward to going to a University gym and finding that everyone had those white earbuds. Fast forward to going anywhere and finding that everyone had them.

    Most of the applications on my Treo 650 are there to make it do things that it should do but doesn’t. A new address book to improve the Palm one, a program to make the volume loud enough to use without a headset, a program to make the phone turn on when you soft-reset, etc. eWallet and ListPro are the only true ‘third party applications’.

    I’ve heard the argument that the Treo 650 is a great phone that requires you to buy software or it isn’t so great. Judging from my own experience and also from reading blogs like Treonauts.com, that’s not really far off from reality.

    What if Apple makes a phone that ‘just works’? It won’t work for *everyone* – notice all the people who don’t have iPods for various reasons – but nothing works for everyone. This isn’t the fanboy in me – it’s a possibility. The iPod led a revolution of sorts, or at least was in the right place at the right time. Cell phones have become ubiquitous but they tend to A) make phone calls poorly and B) poorly do other things that aren’t phone-related. What if the iPhone makes great calls and does other things great, but it doesn’t easily let you do *everything* you’d want?

    Also, what if ‘widgets’ – apparently the only third-party software apple will support – fill in the blanks? Also don’t forget about web 2.0. Always-on web access may do what you want, and since apparently the iPhone is supposed to have a ‘real browser’, that may open up some serious heavyweight web apps to actually work.

    Just my thoughts, and my hyphens.

  4. Software

    I hope someone makes a portable device like a single tablet DVD player that the iPhone slides into giving a bigger touch screen primarily for internet web browsing and TV/movie viewing.

    It should also extend battery life, have a camera facing the user to enable portable iChat via the iPhone.

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