2007 Windows Mobile Partner Summit

Windows MobileJust returned from attending the two day Windows Mobile Partner Summit held in the Seattle area. The summit included OEM, Mobile Operator, and key strategic partners to discuss what’s coming down the road from the Windows Mobile team. We’re under a NDA so I can’t say much about the meeting right now, but I can say that I very much liked what I saw. Stay tuned for more details as we’re allowed to release them. A big thank you to the Windows Mobile Partner team for putting on the event and sharing future plans with us.

4 thoughts on “2007 Windows Mobile Partner Summit

  1. Kay

    My guess is that the briefing included information about Crossbow and probably some of its new features.

    As long as eWallet keeps working with WM6, we’ll be fine 🙂

  2. Matthew Boyd

    Based on some of the features I’ve been hearing about with Vista, it sounds like device synchronization will improve. I don’t know much beyond that but I’d imagine it will utilize more features between exchange 2007 and Vista..

  3. Galt

    Glad to hear Iliumsoft gets to participate in these events but this post was just a terrible tease! I’m guessing it’s not so much NDA’d info about Crossbow (which was RTM’d & leaked recently) as it is Photon. Hope there’s more to be excited about than some Vista integration.

  4. Kay

    Vista and device sync works fine for me, a lot more stable than the old AS

    And from what I hear, Exchange 2007 really has some great features going, too bad I wont get a chance to run one lol

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