(Not So) Stupid eWallet Tricks!

trick.jpgWe’ve all found them. Little tricks, tweaks, and techniques that make our favorite programs even better. I received an email recently from KS recently suggesting that we do a blog post where we ask all of you to share your favorite eWallet tricks.

“Great idea!” I said! So here it is!┬áPlease take a moment to share your favorite eWallet shortcuts, tricks, and advice!

4 thoughts on “(Not So) Stupid eWallet Tricks!

  1. Marc Post author

    I’ll start of the fun with one of my favorites! I’m pretty sure this isn’t anywhere in the documentation.

    Use the live URL fields in eWallet to create links to files on your computer or Windows Mobile Device. By entering the full path for the file into the field, you can create live links to those files in eWallet. The linked file isn’t encrypted, but it’s an excellent way to include “semi-attached” documents, images, audio files, or anything else you want quick access to from eWallet.

  2. Kevin White

    Thanks to eWallet 5.0’s updated SyncPro, you can easily combine two wallet files. You’ve always been able to combine wallets, although you had to open both of them up on your desktop PC and copy and paste each card back and forth. If you have two wallet files with 2,000 different cards in each, you might need a Snickers bar because you’re not going anywhere for a while.

    In eWallet 5, you can just sync the two wallets together.

    1) Make sure both your wallet files are on your PC in *different folders*, with the *same name*.

    2) Open one of the wallets in eWallet.

    3) Pick Syncronize -> Setup

    4) Click the ‘Add’ button, and type in the path (or browse to it) for the other wallet file.

    5) Close the Synchronization Setup window, and then pick Synchronize -> Run SyncPro Now.

    Presto! Now your wallets are merged! You’ll probably want to go into the Synchronization Setup window again and Remove the path to your wallet file, or else eWallet will keep trying to sync it.

  3. Kay

    I think my favourite hack is not really a hack, but rather the heavy abusing of one of the features introduced with the 4.0 branch:

    My wallet has icons for EVERYTHING. I go as far as extracing icons from applications and favicons from websites. I’m very visual and somehow manage to find stuff a lot faster this way.

    Sure, my icon folder is some 3 megs in size, but what’s 3 megs for 10 minutes of saved time every week?

    My next hack is related to eWallet 5.0. Before 5.0 was released, I always had to manually upload my wallet files and I tend to forget that kind of stuff all the time. With 5.0, the application does it on it’s own and now I know that I have at least 5 copies (Smartphone, Tablet PC, Desktop, Server, Backup Server) of my wallet available.

    You say overkill, I say “I’ve been down that road before were I had to rebuild a wallet file I deleted by accident”.

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