WM 6 is here – and Ilium Software is ready!

crossbow.jpgIt’s semi-official! Windows Mobile 6 (aka Crossbow) is here (sort of)! The good news is that all the latest versions of Ilium Software’s products are 100% compatible with the new versions of the OS. We’ve been working with Crossbow for a few months now and tested all of our latest releases. From eWallet and ListPro to NewsBreak, Keep Track, and DockWare Pro, your apps will continue to work great on your 6.0 devices.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop us a line. Our support folks are here M-F from 8:30am-5:00pm ET. We’re plowing through the eWallet 5.0 release flood (people seem to REALLY like it) but we’re still getting back to folks within 48-hours so you shouldn’t have to wait. Or call us if you need something right away!

8 thoughts on “WM 6 is here – and Ilium Software is ready!

  1. Kay

    Here’s a question I have:

    Can you send me a WM6 device running Ilium Software so I can personally test it? A third party (me) confirming that everything works as expected, would certainly help your prospective buyers 😉

  2. spmwinkel

    This is great. 🙂
    I probably won’t be using WM6 (Windows Mobile 6 Professional, sigh) soon but it’s great if a developer immediately states that the software is compatible.

  3. Galt

    Has anyone running Newsbreak on WM6 noticed Newsbreak hanging? I’ve seen repeatedly that if you open a feed item that has images that it’s trying to download (over GPRS for example) and you then back out of the feed item before the images load it freezes for 5-10 seconds in the feed list view with part of the top of the screen still showing the feed item that was just viewed. I’ve tried a reinstall, and of course it’s a unofficial ROM, but I was curious if Ilium Soft had noticed this on their test devices.

  4. Brad

    Using ewallet on my HTC Tytn with WM6 XDA Live version (xda-developers.com) and LOVING IT. This program has saved me more times than I can count. Keep up the exceptional work!!

  5. Ron

    I’ve also noticed the Newsbreak hanging issue. I have a T-Mobile Dash running the offical WM6 ROM. It will sometimes hang even when no image is loading.

  6. Chai Chin Loon

    I’ve noticed the occasional hanging when reading Newsbreak on my WM6 Trinity. It just hung on me when a call came in while I was reading newsbreak. After the call ends, the device freezed….

    I have been trying to determine the hang configuration and so far I have narrowed down to a few possible interfering pieces:
    * NewsBreak v2
    * Intellisync v8
    * Some background updaing by either newsbreak/intellisync or both through activesync/wireless/3G….

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