Arcade Reality – The Future is Now!!

treoaim.jpgLike flying cars and household robots, the future is notorious for its many unfulfilled promises. Turns out it isn’t all talk though! I just downloaded a game called Arcade Reality. Here is what they promise:

“No more killing feeble aliens on the tiny 2″ x 2″ screen! In this game you must handle hostile creatures floating around you in the real world. ”

My first thought is “Um….yeah, right.” I’ve seen these promises of games that you play in the real world. “Just a few more years and every game will be like this!” they promise. Surrre. So when I heard about Arcade Reality all I could think was that it would be one more bit of false hope for my already broken gamer dreams.

But guess what? IT WORKS!!

I’m not kidding. This thing actually works. You look at the screen and search around the room for the aliens. When you spot one you hit the action button on your five way and lasers blast off through the office and the alien invaders a’splode. Suddenly, your device begins to vibrate…you’re under attack again…but from where? You spin in a circle look up up, down, and all around. Finally you spot them behind you and up. Fire! Fire! Fire! YES! BOOM BABY!!!!

Look, the graphics are 1981 I know, but this game is 2052! Definitely download this one and give it a try. The YouTube videos they have don’t even come close to representing the experience.

And NICE WORK to all the folks at Arcade Reality. As a developer I applaud an incredibly clever game that actually comes through on all those promises for the future of gaming.

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4 thoughts on “Arcade Reality – The Future is Now!!

  1. Lee

    I’m not one for arcade games, but this game is a hoot! It’s totally hilarious to play. Check it out!

  2. Kevin White

    This has become the “Gee Whiz” thing for me to show people at gatherings. I personally think Augmented Reality is ‘almost here’… but there’s nothing like watching your friends blunder around the room swearing at invisible aliens while clutching a Treo.

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