CTIA Post-Game Report

logo_small.gifHey everyone. Just a quick CTIA follow-up. Rather than a blow-by-blow or other less than exciting method of telling you about it, I’ll give you the CNN news-blurb version including the most interesting things I saw (or didn’t see as the case may be!)

  • Handango was present with a nice booth. Got to spend some time with them.
  • Motricity had a HUGE MTV2 party (2000 people) at Hardrock with focus on downloadable media/entertainment.
  • Handmark had a nice presence as well and I got to talk to them.
  • Palm had a big booth with lots of people showing off their phones.
  • There was ONE Palm OS device on the entire show room floor (which was huge.) (The Treo 680).
  • Motorola had a big booth but dedicated as much time to music players, bluetooth headphones, and other electronics as to mobile devices.
  • The UMPC had equal positioning at the Microsoft booth as all other devices. The newest tiny UMPCs are REALLY nice.
  • Every Kiosk at the Microsoft booth including Windows Mobile devices.
  • Saw the new HP WM 6.0 Smartphone (Standard) device. Very nice.
  • HTC was at the MS booth as well.
  • Saw more Windows Mobile devices in the hands of attendees than ever before although I still saw 2 Franklin Planners. 🙂
  • Most people I met didn’t know what my UMPC was but as soon as they saw it they had to ask about it and closed with “Oh my god, I WANT one of those.”
  • Plenty of Symbian devices being displayed. Some Blackberry devices as well but a smaller presence than I’d expected.

So there you have! Marc Tassin’s “in-a-nutshell” review of the CTIA Wireless show. A great show though and lots to think about!

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3 thoughts on “CTIA Post-Game Report

  1. Doug

    Marc, Just out of curiousity, which UMPC did you have with you? Was it one of the newer models (like the OQO 2.0??)

  2. Marc Post author

    I had my Samsung Q1.

    I also bring my USB keyboard (about the size of the Q1) and a mini-mouse for doing heavy email. Got the same “Holy Cow!” reaction no matter how I had it set up.

    We also have a TabletKiosk here. Better configuration for UI but slower.

    I WISH it was an OQO 🙂 I got to look at some of them at the MS booth and they are amazing.

  3. Brandon

    Not to be mean here … but for the download protection “extortion” fee, I would hope Handango had a huge booth. 🙂

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