GTD + ListPro, Take 2

The GTD ListPro template that I made has turned out to be quite popular. As in, it’s been in the top 3 most-downloaded List Exchange files list pretty much since I posted it almost 1 year ago. It’s even been #1 quite a few times.

In that time, I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Starting up with GTD is like trying to get a new habit. When you don’t want a new habit, it’s very easy. When you want one, it’s very hard. I’ve had almost 26 years to get in the habit of brushing my teeth when I wake up, and that’s not a very complicated task. Organizing myself using GTD is about 100x more ‘things to do’, and it’s a lot more difficult.

In any case, I’d planned on posting a differently-organized ListPro template for GTD that was much simpler and put everything in one place. Then, new versions of our software happened. Luckily, an intrepid ListPro user beat me to the punch, and he really beat me. He wrote a great blog post about how to use ListPro to manage your GTD actions, and sent us the associated template. The template is so simple, it makes mine look like “War and Peace”. As a result, it’s probably a lot easier to stick with!

So go get the template, read the article, and get something done!

(P.S: Why do I feel like Matt Foley, the motivational speaker played by Chris Farley on “Saturday Night Live”, when I make so many links in a short blog post? You know, like when you “bunny ear” things you’re “talking about” with “other people”.)

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6 thoughts on “GTD + ListPro, Take 2

  1. Adam

    I am going for it. I never have been good at to-do lists, but I am getting too many projects to track in my head so I’ll see how it goes.

  2. spmwinkel

    Hehe read Menneisyys’ posts, the amount of links he includes with his write-ups are just insane. 😉

  3. spmwinkel

    By the way, would it be possible to add a RSS feed for the comments on this blog? I’d love to easily check the comments made on this blog posts, and when you offer a RSS reader you really need to have your own RSS feeds the best they can be. 😉

  4. Tom

    I tried using your original template and found it way to difficult. Then I tried the template you mentioned. It works much better. I have made a few tweaks that work best for me. Since I really only use the desktop version of ListPro (my Sony Clie died and I can’t decide which new model of Palm to buy) I wanted a “better” way to print my list. So I figured out how to export to csv, import to Excel and use the REPT function to indent my list. This gives me better control of my print out. It has taken me about 2 years of experimenting with GTD to find a method that works. I have found ListPro ss the best tech tool for the job.

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