eWallet 5.0.2 is out (and other news)!

wallet120.jpgWe’ve released a tiny update to eWallet. It’s version 5.0.2 and it fixes a couple of little things that were bugging us. For 5.0.1 users, you don’t need to download this one but it doesn’t hurt. It primarily smooths out the experience for new and upgrade purchasers in the future.

ListPro 5.0 Closed Beta continues apace. So far things are looking quite good. We’ve got a few more features that have to go into it still so the release is undetermined. Sorry everyone! It will be worth the wait!

We have an update to one of our free products “in the pipe”. Can’t say which one just yet but we’ll announce it soon I hope! Thanks for all your comments on the Extreme Makeover blog post!

Finally, we have some additional cool announcements we’ll be making in the coming weeks. Can’t say much more than that yet but we’ll keep you updated!

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17 thoughts on “eWallet 5.0.2 is out (and other news)!

  1. Taccy

    I look forward to listpro 5, I didn’t even know it was in beta – excellent.

    I just have a small question.

    Will it still work on Palm OS 4.1?


  2. Gene

    I am surprised that you offer a “secure storage” for extremely important personal information, without a secure way to verify that the installation file downloaded from this web site was indeed put there by iLium and not by some hackers with malicious intent.

    TrueCrypt uses PGP file signature verification and I think any “security” software should.

    my $.02

  3. Marc Post author

    Hey Gene,

    All of our installers are digitally signed. We use a third party to provide the certificate. You can tell if you certificate is valid from the properties window (although Windows itself will often warn of invalid certificates.) Finally, we are looking at some additional measures to notify users of certificate problems.

    – Marc

  4. Gene

    Well, the problem with certificates is that they are often a “black box”. Maybe I’m mistaken but there’s no straightforward way to check for validity online. With PGP, obtaining public keys, storing them & checking signatures is very user-friendly and open process.

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