Have a Happy Hat Hunt

binoculars1.jpgJust in case you haven’t heard, all this week we’re having a big, surprise-filled anniversary sale. But we decided, why let the website have all the fun? The blog should get to join in the celebration, too! And so, without further ado, below are the rules to the first mini-giveaway we’ll be having on our blog this week.

This first little game is going to be a scavenger hunt. Throughout our site, I’ve hidden six of our little party hats, just like the one the guy with the binoculars is wearing above.  So here are the rules: the first THREE people who search our site and find TWO of the hats each are the winners.  All you have to do is copy the URL of the two pages into the comments for this post. If you find more than two hats, please don’t post more URLs – that way three people will have a chance to win. To win, you just have to make sure both pages you found haven’t already been answered in the comments.

What do you win, you might ask? Great question! The three lucky winners will get an Ilium Software swag pack – 2 click-pen styluses, one stick stylus, and one luggage tag. As soon as all six of the pages are accounted for, I will send out emails to the winners to get more info from them – so be sure you enter a valid email address when you comment!

One more thing – just so everyone doesn’t go crazy trying to count the falling hats on the home page – that page is not part of the contest.

Happy hunting!

10 thoughts on “Have a Happy Hat Hunt

  1. melvyn

    I tried to do this from my PDA when there was only one commenter with answers. Unfortunately the connection was too slow and it was painful trying to search the site with only a mobile connection.

    Later I came back (when I had a desktop connection available) and saw that there were three commenters and so didn’t bother entering. Now I notice that the second entrant tried to include the home page which you already announced doesn’t count. I missed the opportunity because Scott came along and grabbed his chance.

    Thanks Ilium anyway and I look forward to the rest of the week. Congrats on the 10th Anniversary and congrats to the winners (Dianna, Ronald and Scott).

  2. Julie Post author

    Hi guys,

    Ok, let me clear a few things up. First, good job Dianna and Ronald – you both found two correct pages! Justin, you found one correct page, but http://www.iliumsoft.com/ is our home page, so that one doesn’t count (I didn’t count it because there are just so many hats floating around that page anyway!)

    Scott, I’m sorry about the confusion, but the blog isn’t counted in this contest. I should have made that more clear: when I said “search our site” I meant our main website, not the blog area (and one of your links goes right to a picture, which I can’t count because it needs to be a page).

    So there’s still one page unaccounted for! Justin, if you’re out there, try to hurry up and find it before anyone else does to complete your answer. I’m going to go decide how we’ll give out the prizes in case someone else finds the last page – you know, maybe half a pen, half a stylus, half a luggage tag each….I’ll use scissors 🙂

  3. spmwinkel

    Okay I give up… Must have had more than 200 pages on my screen, lots of doubles, but I can’t find it. The one that does find the sixth really deserves to be a winner!

    BTW – I understand why Justin said iliumsoft.com because the hat in the banner doesn’t fall down..

    Good luck to everyone who still plans to search!!

  4. Julie Post author

    Woo-hoo! All 6 hats are now accounted for. Congrats to the winners: Dianna, Justin, Ronald, and Kenneth, and thanks to everyone who played.

    To the winners: I just sent you each an email regarding the info I’ll need to send you your prizes. So if you don’t see it, check your Junk folders, and if you STILL don’t see it, reply to this post to let me know and we’ll get everything squared away.

    Thanks again, guys, and we’re going to be having more little giveaways, so stay tuned!

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