Found: Ten Good Captions

10hat-big1.gifIt’s time to announce the winners of our recent caption contest. We stayed up all night, and even had a couple of pretty good screaming matches trying to decide….well, maybe not. But  there were a lot of great entries, so it wasn’t easy!

 The winners, in no particular order, are:

  1. Jaimie Birk: “It was a banner day at the Ilium Home for Wayward Programmers.”
  2. spmwinkel: “The Ilium Software team shows the result of another productive day”
  3. Judy Dye: “The Harry Potter Wizard theme party got off to a slow start. Only 2 people managed to conjure up non-standard hats”
  4. Brian: “This is the best picket line I’ve ever been on! Hats and streamers! Just wait until those scabs at Developer One show up to work!”
  5. David Tucker: “Don’t laugh at our thinking caps. When all 10 of us touch the tips of our hats together, our brainpower is amplified beyond all human imagination.”
  6. Joe D: “Kirk to Enterprise: Scotty, we have installed NewsBreak 2.0 on our tricorders. Nine to beam up.”
  7. Melvyn: “The new range of Ilium Garden Gnomes promises to make your lawn the talk of the town.”
  8. Ernie: “Ok, ok, just so you promise you won’t post this picture on the webpage”
  9. Aaron: “It’s been 10 years, can we take the hats off now?”
  10. Timothy: “See I told you..We couldn’t get jobs at Jack in the Box, but the hats came in handy anyway!”

Congrats – you should see an email from me shortly, so I can get the info I need to send out your prizes! Thanks to everyone for playing, there were a lot of funny entries. I’ll have another contest up and running soon!

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