We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

10hat-big2.gifOur big tenth anniversary party is over now, and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. I know I had a lot of fun with the contests on this blog, and I hope you guys did too.

Speaking of blog contests, there’s still one more contest to announce the winners to. We spent some time and voted on our favorite five haikus, and the winners are: spmwinkel, Dave, Tim Heimerl, doog, and Mark Jones. Congrats to everyone! All of the submitted haikus were really creative, and you can read them in the comments to this post. The winners should see an email from me shortly requesting their info so I can ship out their swag packets.

Thanks once more to everyone, and we’ll do it again next year!

2 thoughts on “We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

  1. spmwinkel

    Cool! 😀
    Thanks Julie and the rest of the Ilium team!
    I’m not going to say “see you next year”, I’m planning to stick around like I did for the past couple of months. 😉

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