Once More, with Feeling

Today is the Internet Radio Day of Silence. To quote from the official press release:

“The arbitrary and drastic rate increases set by the Copyright Royalty Board on March 2nd threaten the very livelihood of thousands of webcasters and their millions of listeners throughout the country.

Major webcasters like Yahoo! Launchcast, Rhapsody, and Pandora.com will silence their streams along with other Day of Silence participants like KCRW.org, Live365, MTV Online, Radioio, RadioParadise, and AccuRadio.” (full list)

Please help us support this effort. This site will help you send letters, get banners for your own site, and spread the word to your friends.

They’ve been a little busy lately, which is great, so if you have any problems with that link, you can pick either of the ones below:

  • Call your representative (the link will give you their phone number) and ask for their support of the Internet Radio Equality Act: S. 1353 in the Senate and H.R. 2060 in the House.
  • If you’d rather write a letter or an email, this link will help. But be sure to also mention the Internet Radio Equality Act: S. 1353 in the Senate and H.R. 2060 in the House.

Don’t let internet radio go silent permanently. Act now.


2 thoughts on “Once More, with Feeling

  1. Brandon Steili

    Beat you to it 🙂

    I put a post up earlier this evening on JAMM and I agree with you it’s a very important issue that everyone really needs to act on. It’s not within the scope of our website … but sometimes you just have to go offtopic with the important stuff and I definitely applaud your efforts!!!

    Even having posted on it I was very surprised when Chronix Radio here in Denver when to a single (somewhat annoying) tone… now I’m freaking out because they are my awake juice for the night shift!

  2. Ellen Post author

    A little followup, from KurtHanson.com:

    A massive response by listeners to today’s ongoing “Day of Silence” event has overwhelmed the web and database servers being used by SaveNetRadio.org and is tying up switchboards in Congressional offices all over Capitol Hill as a deluge of online radio listeners have rushed to contact their representatives to ask them to co-sponsor the “Internet Radio Equality Act.”

    So people ARE paying attention. Let’s hope Congress does.

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