I Love this Article

pcmag.gifSascha Segan, of PC Magazine, wrote a great column called Pay Now or Pay Later. He points out the real costs of buying low-cost electronics, including

“hidden charges, shoddy products, lousy tech support, a poisoned environment, lost U.S. jobs, and starving workers … the loss of things like customer service, reliability, durability, and flexibility”

and says that

“the relentless cost-cutting brought on by a culture where low prices are the ultimate goal has led to the complete demise of tech support, the most labor-intensive part of the tech process and one that’s invisible in advertisements and on shelves.”

Please read it – it’s well worth the time.

One thought on “I Love this Article

  1. doog

    That is a great article. I remain convinced that my switch to Mac OS last year was a very, very smart one. Now, if only AT&T had decent service at my house, or Apple opened up the iPhone to other networks, I could dropy Verizon Wireles . . .

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