PocketGear for Sale

forsale.gifMotricity, the owner of PocketGear.com, Smartphone.net and a few other mobile software portals, announced yesterday that they’re restructuring their company, laying off about 250 people, moving their headquarters, and selling their portal sites. Here’s the complete story.

I’d thought for months that they were going to drop software – they were just paying way to little attention to it, but then I went through some calculations and decided it had to be bringing in too much money for that. Which goes to prove – once again – that my instincts are a lot better than my math.

So – any thoughts on who might take it on? Guesses I’ve already seen include nobody, Palm, Microsoft, SPB and Handango. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict Digital River (and this is just guessing, I have no insider knowledge whatsoever).

Anyone else care to take a guess?

2 thoughts on “PocketGear for Sale

  1. Brandon

    I’ve only got about $10 … but I’d put a bid in 🙂

    I hope somebody good buys them. Ilium’s gotta have more than my $10. Wanna team up? LOL

  2. John

    Your analysis published earlier was right. I think the market will consolidate more where there is an opportunity for Handmark to come fwd and integrate pocketgear.com software catalogue and online presence with its existing services online. There will be more buyouts coming with potential candidates like http://www.handster.com and http://www.youpark.com among dozens of other sites.

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