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pda.gifI’ve always thought that the kind of information people need – and the way they want to get it – when they’re using a mobile device isn’t really the same as on the desktop. While I very much like being able to get any kind of info on my mobile, without having to go through a non-standard browser, I also like being able to find specifically what I’m looking for, without going through pages and pages of options.

At home or in the office, I like the pages and pages of options, at least a lot of the time, especially when I’m doing research, comparing products, or looking for very complete information about something.

But on the road, unless I’m just trying to waste fill time while I’m waiting for someone, I usually just want the answer to a question.

Here’s one site that agrees with me. It’s a collection of some of the info I might need the most when I’m travelling.

I’m sure there are others, but I’m not having much luck finding them. Any suggestions?

One thought on “Some Useful Mobile Info

  1. Angie Bates

    Thanks for the link, I have not seen that one before. I use my mobile device for many of the same reasons you mentioned; I’m usually waiting for something or someone, want to look up something quickly, etc. While I haven’t found any sites exactly like the one you listed, I did run across this site once and found it useful when using mine: Although I don’t use all of the links there, I do like that they are all mobile friendly links all in one location. It’s easier to go to this site than it is to find them in my Mobile Favorites. I keep thinking I’ll create my own customized page like this with nothing but my type of sites, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Hope you find it at least a little bit as useful as I do.

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