Marc on TV

WDIV, our local NBC station, stopped by Wednesday and interviewed Marc about eWallet. We were all pretty excited to see him – and our software – on the evening news!

You can see it here; the video link is right under the photo.

The emphasis on the iPhone is theirs – Marc showed versions of several devices, and they picked which parts to use (in the car, going back to Detroit, apparently. I’m impressed).

Anyway, check it out; Marc looks and sounds very professional. I guess all those years of voice training paid off.

5 thoughts on “Marc on TV

  1. patrickj

    Great stuff! I love how the refer to it as ‘The eWallet’ in the article, while also a little disappointed that Marc failed to get them to call him The Marc.

  2. Rod

    Cool. Really cool to see the shots of the iPhone. I’m really excited about next month. If you want to share some more shots or info about syncing wallets with iPhone….I’d love to read about it. I think I’m going to join the iPhone club soon. 😉

  3. Hector


    I own the Windows / WinMobile version of your software & love it. Cant wait for the iphone version to finally be available.

    best wishes.


  4. Marc

    Thanks everyone! It was a ton of fun.

    And as for “The Marc”, I like the sound of that. 🙂 I might need to order new business cards!

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