The Blanks Have Been Filled In!

11 yearsAll right – it’s been a busy morning here at Ilium Software HQ. We’ve had a lot of news headlines to read through. All of them were really great, and, just as we suspected, many of them were weird and confusing. Some of them, however, actually sounded believable, didn’t they?

But, as with any contest, many will enter and few will win. However, we were only able to narrow it down to seven lucky people, because there were just too many good comments. So here it comes – one BIG winner and six great runner-ups:

The first prize of a $121 Amazon gift card, plus a complete package of our software and swag, goes to: Warthog for the headline “Steve Jobs was ARRESTED yesterday, shortly after he WIGGLED. Early reports suggest he was trying to DANCE.” I can almost see the photo that would run next to that headline, can’t you?

The runners-up, who each receive a complete package of our software as well as some cool swag, are: Dave Beauvais, Jeremie Lariviere, Matthew Millerbamhm182, Singh and DougP.

To all the winners – I’ll be sending out an email to each of you with details on how to get your prizes, so keep an eye on your Inbox and Spam folders too!

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the contest – there were a lot of clever responses. We’ve got a new contest running right now, so keep your creative thinking caps on and try your luck again!

4 thoughts on “The Blanks Have Been Filled In!

  1. JCRiverRat

    The new hot tub from Dell is sure to be an award-winning device, with its sounds and mooos.
    Palm shocked the mobile world today when they announced their plans to cut their slot machines.
    After 11 years, Ilium Software says the plan to start selling gumballs and will no longer cry, choosing instead to focus on Airplanes.
    Users say “woohoo” ater just 5 minutes trying the new Apple whistle. Will it be this year’s fat phone?
    Forget test messaging! Studies show that breathing is now the cool new way for Presidents and farmers to contact each other, making farkleing easier than ever.
    Steve Jobs was wasted yesterday, shortly after he wasted. Early reports suggest he was trying to ride.
    Move over, Twitter and Facebook! Snickerdoodle is a new social networking site, mixing grasses and longing to bring friends a better way to sing.
    The money was just released, featuring 10 MB RAM for only $100. Specs include fast rocks and 2 pigs.

  2. Warthog

    Thanks! That’s awesome. I guess I’ll have to split the prize(s) with my son and daughter since they fed me the responses. :>(

    Thanks, again.

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