The Votes Are All In

11 years

You know, I found that trying to write a double dactyl was really difficult. I’m glad to see that for many of you, it was the opposite, and that gave us a lot of great entries to read this morning.

The first prize of a $121 Amazon gift card, plus a complete package of our software and swag, goes to Bob. If you’ve scrolled through the comments this weekend, you probably know Bob wrote quite a few, and it was hard to pick just one. We especially enjoyed the ones about Freud, the racecar, and – well, like I said, they we all really good!

The runners-up, who each receive a complete package of our software as well as some cool swag, are Will Lane and Laura. We also thought the double dactyls from daverage and Charley were top-notch, but since they are friends/family of some of us here, we can’t offer any prizes for those entries. Matt and Marc churned out several great double dactyls here at the office while we were preparing for the contest; I was impressed, because as I said, I felt like my brain was going to explode when I tried to make even one. If you haven’t read the comments yet, go check them out!

To all the winners – I’ll be sending out an email to each of you with details on how to get your prizes, so keep an eye on your Inbox and Spam folders too!

Now, as you know, this was our final contest. All good things must come to an end, and so too for our anniversary party. But I do want to thank everyone for helping us celebrate our 11th birthday – we had a blast reading all the contest entries, and I hope you had fun playing along and reading the results as well. Stay tuned to our blog, because even though the next anniversary is a long way off, we’ll be running contests again in the meantime, as well as keeping you informed on everything else that goes on around here. Thanks again!

5 thoughts on “The Votes Are All In

  1. spmwinkel

    Congrats to the winners! When reading the description of the double dactyls I was pretty confused so it’s great to see that many have managed to write them. Enjoy the prizes!

    (Coming from the Netherlands, not everything ships to my country. I’m still looking for good books etc. to put on my wish list and then place an order when I’ve got a nice collection on my list.)

  2. bamhm182

    Congrats to the winners! I was going to enter, than I looked at it and was crazy confused on how to write one and figured I already won, so I didn’t bother. Like I said though, congrats to the winners.

  3. Ink

    I just read the definition on wikipedia and still don’t understand. Well done to not just the winners but everyone who submitted an entry.

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