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And here you thought all we thought about was the iPhone! Besides all the new improvements to eWallet on Windows, Windows Mobile, and Palm in eWallet 6.1, we’ve also been working with WebIS to bring you a BlackBerry version of eWallet. The BlackBerry version, which will be available sometime in the next few weeks, offers many of the same features you’ve come to expect from eWallet and full synchronization with the eWallet 6.1 Windows desktop software.

WebIS has done a fantastic job on this software. We think the BlackBerry users out there are going to be very happy with the results! We’re so excited that I figured I would post a few screenshots to give you a feel for the new software!

Click on the shots below for a larger image!



28 thoughts on “eWallet for BlackBerry Preview

  1. Nancy Read

    I am thrilled! The only downside to my having switched from a Palm to a Blackberry has been losing eWallet and ListPro. I hope that once you have eWallet taken care of, you can move on to ListPro. The list software out there now for the Blackberry is really lame.


  2. Dennis Eichers

    Will I be able to convert my ewallet for Windows Mobile to the Blackberry format without having to re-enter all the data?

  3. Serge Burjak

    Hope the Blackberry version will be compatible with the BES, enterprise server. I realise it probably won’t SYNC over the air, but from desktop. Would be good if it could FTP vi MDS…..

  4. Ronald Ko


    I’ve recently been “forced” to go BlackBerry, from a PocPC, and is frantically trying to evaluate some kind of “eWallet” software for BlackBerry.

    So this is absolutely the greatest news I’ve heard all month!!

    Can’t wait till the release!
    Is there a way to get on a mailing list of when the eWallet for BB will be out?

    Incidentally, is there ANY chance for a ListPro for BB??!!


  5. John Mc

    Like many I have been forced to go Blackberry due to job. Really miss not having e-wallet. Great news. Can’t wait to buy it.


  6. Tim Jones

    I’ve been waiting for eWallet on the Blackberry for over a year, since I had to move to the Blackberry for work. I’ve tried several other “wallet” applications for Blackberry, but they’re all just clones of the same flawed model. eWallet is the most inovative, easy to use, and simply functional desktop/mobile wallet application I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. I am THRILLED it will soon be available on Blackberry.

  7. Greg Peay

    Great news, I have been patiently, ok not so patiently waiting for eWallet for blackberry for several months. I still use the desktop but since being forced to a blackberry by my employer, I have extreamly frustraited by not having eWallet available for my BB. I have tried everything related that is on the current market and nothing is close to the features of eWallet. Thanks so much for developing this product for the BB market.

    What are your plans for other BB software?

  8. David G

    I’ve been using eWallet on my PC for almost 4 years now. I’m anxiously waiting for the BlackBerry version of eWallet – The built-in password keeper just can’t live up to eWallet…..maybe if I had never seen/used eWallet, it may have been acceptable, but I know better.

    Looking forward to having my eWallet everywhere!

  9. Walter A

    Wow – can’t wait. I’ve been a long time Desktop / Palm / Windows Mobile user and fan of eWaLLeT. Since switching to a BB Curve I’ve missed my carry with me eWaLLeT. After spending time looking for a substitute and finding nothing this is good news.

  10. Tomas

    I just migrated my SIM to Blackberry (from PDA) and the first thing I miss is eWallet (I’m not kidding). Fortunately I found this page. I hope you will not leave me waiting for a long time, otherwise I will go crazy …
    Thanks. Tomas

  11. Kyle

    I fail to see the difference between this and blackberry wallet. except for the picture of the card

  12. Skip B

    I can’t understand all the excitement. First there are alternatives to eWallet, like MiniSafe for the BB. I’ve used both and to me they are about the same, no real advantage with either one. Both companies offer a Windows Desktop component to their apps, but neither company offers a Mac desktop program which leaves us Mac users stuck with having to use Vmware or Parallels. Any company who makes a Mac desktop component will garner a lot of new users!

  13. MtotheA

    I’m so excited for eWallet for BB. This is one of two pieces of software that I absolutely miss since moving to a BB. I do have one question, will you be able to attach the eWallet file to an email and send it? I use to do this on my PPC as a backup measure and I’m hoping that this will still be possible with the BB version.

  14. Richard

    Can’t wait for the BB version to come out. I have been a eWallet user for 5 years and it has felt like I lost an arm when I was forced to switch to a BB two months ago and found out eWallet did support BB. I have looked at other software but NOTHING comes close to eWallet.

  15. Scott

    Certainly there are alternatives to eWallet, but nothing is as smooth, pretty, and easy to use. I feel like I gave up an old friend when I switched to a BB (although I wouldn’t give it up now either) and lost eWallet.

  16. margie

    I’ve missed eWallet this past year. I used it for years with my palm. I am now using Splash Data and don’t like it as much. Will I be able to export Splash Wallet to eWallet?

  17. Marc Post author

    @Everyone: I’m really glad you guys are so excited about this. We’re really looking forward to the release!

    @Margie: eWallet on the desktop has an import option for Splash data. You have to export the information first but it is pretty simple.

  18. Richard

    What will the pricing options be? I currently have eWallet 5.0 still running on my desktop that used to sync with my Windows Treo. So I will want to upgrade to the latest on the desktop and then upgrade/purchase to the RIMM device version for my blackberry.

  19. Marc Post author

    @Richard: I haven’t received the final word yet, but I believe all our usual add-on/upgrade prices will apply for the BlackBerry version as well.

  20. chaoticjelly

    Is there a notification list for this? I just moved over to a BB and am happy to see this will be out soon, though I am not very patient…

  21. Ricardo

    I am checking ilium’s webpage everyday, waiting for that “Just Released” or “It’s Here: eWallet for Blackberry”.

    The only thing keeping me from switching 100% from my Motorola Q to my BB, and away from sloooow WM5, it’s eWallet.

    Any release date?

  22. Richard

    Just checking to see if any update as to when the RIMM version will be out and maybe win free stuff for posting.

  23. Marc

    We’re working on it! As I mentioned we hit a bump in the road but we’re pushing through and making progress!

  24. Chris

    Will eWallet have an option to hold it’s data on it’s memory card (if available)? I am running into memory shortage, but have a 4GB card. Seems BB only invisioned multimeadia using the card.

  25. Chris

    Could “eWallet Web Companion” be the answer to how much data I have to keep on the BB Device? I also use World Mate that is both on my BB and the Web Gold version – it is very powerful combination, and can see great potential for eWallet.

    Looks like really good things are happening at illium!! Do you have a release target yet for Web companion BB 8830??

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