Once More, with Feeling

Save Net RadioI’m going off-topic today because of Pandora.com’s recent’s announcement that they may shut down soon.

mocoNews.net says:

Pandora is “approaching a pull-the-plug kind of decision,” a potential “last stand for webcasting” as royalty fee increases begin to take hold. It’s clear he wants legislative support—and if that can be helped by spurning a coordinated outcry from the company’s million-plus users who listen to Pandora daily so be it.

and The iPhone Blog says:

We might be approaching Pandora’s Last Stand, but let’s make sure they don’t stand alone.

So, yes, let’s make sure they don’t stand alone. Go to SaveNetRadio.org and click the big button that says Call Your Senators and Representatives. Then make the call. If you care about internet radio, this is the time to act.

People who have been reading our blog for a long time know that this isn’t the first time I’ve written about this issue – I feel very strongly about it, enough that I’m breaking our rule about not posting about off-topic topics. But it’s my rule – I can break it. And this is a time when enough voices might make a difference.

So help make noise. Post this info, call or write your representatives in government. Don’t let the music die.

One thought on “Once More, with Feeling

  1. George Carr Insurance

    Web Net Radio is long in the tooth and should be preserved. Online broadcasting is where it’s at and we – as you say – should not let the music die. Keep it real! (pun not intentded)

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