Kudos to Lee!

I’m going to risk sounding like we’re patting ourselves on the back here, because I really want to publicly acknowledge the great job Lee is doing. Lee is one of our support folks and has been with us for almost 7 years now. She does a fantastic job of helping people out, and if you ever call here for support it’s very likely that she’s the person you’ll talk to.

The inspiration for this post is a note somone left on tinyapps.org that read:

Ilium Software / eWallet: Best Support on the Planet
Lee Stutesman at Ilium Softwarewent WAY above the call of duty today (via toll-free support, no less!) in helping fix our Palm HotSync issue with an ancient version of eWallet. These guys set the standard for shareware support. If Rackspacehas “fanatical” support (a fair assesment, BTW), I would call Ilium’s “completely and totally berserk” (in a good way – think “spider monkey on crack all over your tech problem” – there is no way that it is going to go unresolved). Thanks to Lee, I have become a lifetime cheerleader for Ilium.

 So congratulations Lee! And thanks for all your excellent work!


6 thoughts on “Kudos to Lee!

  1. Laz

    And kudos to you for posting this…it would be great if more companies recognize the people (and their talents and personalities) who help make them what they are.

  2. Frustrated

    I’d be even more impressed if Lee could figure out how to sync my eWallet data to my iphone! 😉

    Seriously though, kudos. The most important thing you have is your customer and customer support is probably the number one channel!

  3. Ralph

    @Frustrated: I’m sure, she will, as soon as Ilium gives us the version, that is able to sync. But unfortunately, this version is still in testing.

    But I also have to say, you all do a very good job and I like your software for many years.

  4. Andrew

    It is always a great thing when the company you work for really knows they have valuable employees that go that extra mile. Bonuses are nice, but recognition from the company for all to see, is something that most companies don’t do enough of.

    And Kudos to Lee for going beyond the call of duty and working until a customer problem was solved.

  5. Ellery Kurtz

    Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tonight I bought a wireless router for my laptop at home and set that up first. Then I upgraded my eWallet program to the lastest and greatest on my desktop-free thank you!!! Then I purchased eWallet for my Iphone from Itunes for $9.99..cheap as can be. Then I synched it and Holy Synch Batman!!! It was flawlessssssss. Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I synched my wifes Iphone to the Itunes and installed eWallet on her phone and synched that to my eWallet desktop and once again…Holy Synch Heaven Batgirl!!!! What a thing of beauty it is. Simple. Easy enough for a tech idiot like me….what can I say? You guys did a great job. I am in Iphone heaven and I can finally retire my Palm Life Drive. Goodbye Palm….we won’t miss your bulky device.

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