An eWallet Success Story!

Every now and then we receive an email from a customer who shares an eWallet “Success Story” with us. Now admittedly, as is the case in this example, these stories usually involve some sort of misadventure, but eWallet is the silver lining! We love to hear these, because stories like this are part of the reason we created eWallet. Making enough to pay the bills is certainly a motivator, but the thing that makes this job so fun is working on a product that really does help people!

So here it is! A very cool eWallet success story:

I was pick pocketed in St. Petersburg, Russia; I had my iPhone with ewallet and was able to cancel all credit and debit cards within an hour of the event.  Thanks for great software.  Now I’m looking forward to being able to synch with a version on my PC.

The thing the customer told me (I promised him I wouldn’t share his name) was that he’d entered all of the “Call of Lost or Stolen” numbers from his credit cards into his eWallet cards. No searching for old billing statements at home, no wracking his brain to figure out which cards he had. He just opened eWallet and started calling.

So there you go! A little bit of self-congratulatory back patting, I know, but the story put me in a great mood so I just had to share it.

5 thoughts on “An eWallet Success Story!

  1. J. Wagner

    That exact scenario is a big reason I bought eWallet. While it hasn’t happened to me, having all that data in one secure, portable place was very attractive.

  2. RJ Czajkowski

    Same here. I have my eWallet on my Pocket PC, Palm, iPod Touch and two Windows komputers. That way, even if I loose a device, I have multiple copies available, all encrypted and password protected of course.

    Now I am anxiously awaiting sync module for iPod Touch and eWallet for Blackberry. Then I will have all corners covered 🙂

  3. L. Di Sessa

    This product goe well beyond managing critical information in a secure manner, it also facilitates daily access to web sites by retaining URL and by auto populating log-on credentials to these web sites so that you don’t have to do all of this manually by typing on a keyboard. It’s a great time saver as well and avoids the risk associated with typing errorneous credential information and suddenly getting locked out of your online accounts.

    We are all anxious for the update that will allow sync from PC to iPhone….counting days and checking iTunes twice a day.

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