This may not be the post you’ve been waiting for

Warning: this post is completely non-Apple related. It’s just me and my little contest hat again. I thought now would be a good time to offer a happy little diversion to you. Take a break from clicking your mouse and refreshing the eWallet page on the App Store – hurry, before you get carpal tunnel!

It’s now time to reach into my hat and see who the monthly blog contest winner is for August. It looks like the lucky winner this time is David, for commenting on the post It’s Syncing! It’s Syncing! Congratulations! Now, there were quite a few Davids commenting on that post, so to preemptively clear up any outcries of “Which one? Was it me?” the David that was chosen left his comment on August 24th at 11:23am. So, “David at 11:23am” – I just sent you an email explaining how to get your prize. If you don’t receive it, reply to this post and let me know.

To everyone else, thanks so much for staying tuned and leaving your thoughts and comments. We hit the over-100 comment mark on two posts in August, which I think is just amazing. Keep coming back and keep on responding, because I’ll drag the hat out again in less than a month and you’ll have another chance to win. 

You may now return to anxiously awaiting news from the App Store. Just watch out for that carpal tunnel!

13 thoughts on “This may not be the post you’ve been waiting for

  1. Jeffrey

    You are right, it is not the notice we are looking for. Last week you suggested (I read it as a promise), that it would be this week. Now this week is almost over (well it is it is Friday 1040 am Australian EST), no promised update has arrived.

    Despite all the good things about the iPhone, data input is not one of them.

    the result is that my iphone eWallet is empty patiently waitingto be updated, my windows eWallet is full patiently waiting full to sync, while I am now waiting impatiently.


  2. Dr. Gigabyte

    How many days are there in August? At least 34 apparently. 😉

    Here’s hoping there aren’t too many more! 🙂

    Dr. Gigabyte

  3. Eric

    I’m pretty tired of waiting. I’ve been a eallet user for years. I’ve had it for the itouch for a month+, it’s useless to me without a sync. We should get something for waiting, as it likely never should have been released, sorry.

    I got rid of my PPC as soon as I saw it available for itouch, what a mistake.

    This may not be a Ilium problem, but it should have been released as one package when it was all ready!

  4. Jeff

    Well I’m just gonna add more of the same…

    I have my whole life in eWallet, someone could literally become me if they had all the info in my eWallet file. My problem is the same as everyone else’s, I now have an iPhone and DESPERATELY need to sync this data.

    Will eWallet help pay for my Carpal Tunnel surgery I’m gonna need checking the updates 100x a day 🙂

    In all seriousness, you guys already know the pressure is on – I can’t speak for anyone else but I would much rather have the fantastic product a few days past deadline then a turd you can’t polish on deadline.

  5. Trevor

    I thought the topic of this blog post was really funny. I stopped stalking the app store and the app feed because I figured that someone at Ilium would probably be very effective at stalking. So at least my heart didn’t start racing when when I saw that there was a new post.

    As Axel Rose once said. “All we need is just a little patience”

    Err, ok.. a lot of patience.

    I still have my launch day original iPhone (no I did not wait on line). For a while I carried around the iPhone and my Dell Axim, just so I could run ewallet. After a month of that I just ewallet on my work pc, laptop in addition to my home pc so that I would have the data somewhere near me at most times.

    Wait a minute, apple could relase the app while I’m blabbering on about ewallet. l8r k thxbye

  6. Frustrated

    @Trevor “l8r k thxbye”, hahahahaha. You know everyone who read that probably impulsively checked the app store right? 🙂

  7. LexLuther

    Arn’t we all pathetic? Carpel tunnel indeed! BUt seriously, I haven’t seen such great comms from a developer ever. You guys and gals get double high marks for feeling our pain and sitting outside th App Store in anticipation. Well done. I just hope that the app rockets to the top of the charts and Illium makes a motza on this app. You guys deserve it for sure.

  8. Jason

    “This may not be a Ilium problem…”

    I disagree. This is indeed an Ilium problem of their own making. This app was sold (ie payment taken) with an assurance (in the AppStore listing, since removed) of desktop sync in August. We’ll soon be into the second week of September. There is no update for one reason: because Ilium failed to submit it in adequate time for an August release.

    Diverting criticizm by laying responsibility at Apple’s door is disingenuous. Apple isn’t responsible nor is the testing process. There were no surprises, simply late submission.

    This is not the same situation wherein a software developer promises a launch date but fails to meet it. Rarely in such instances has the developer already been paid. Many customers purchased this app on the assurance of desktop sync by August. In my instance I knew I would be travelling in early September and knew (or so I thought) that I would have sync capability before I left to get all my information in hand. That has not happened.

    There is no point in longstanding customers posting happy memories of past good service. This is not good service. New customers expected better of a veteran company.

  9. sand233

    I agree with posts expressing frustration, but the developers of e-wallet have been the most responsive of any company I deal with. I cannot remember any version being released with a major bug and I would prefer that record continue. Missing the Aug 31 deadline by a few days is not a big deal. The process with Apple is new and they are working out their own kinks. In short, THANK YOU for being responsive and always providing top notch software. When it’s posted, I know it will be ready!!

  10. Ken

    “… an Ilium problem or Buyer Beware”

    @ Jason

    I think the reality lies somewhere in between. I purchased the app minutes after it was approved. I, like you, am waiting for sync and in fact am not using the iPhone version of eWallet at all. However at the time I did buy it I did know, because Ilium stated so, that sync was not available. You paid for what you got. I have been buying software long enough to lend a large grain of salt to any supplier’s expected delivery dates even when they have total control of the fdelivery process which Ilium does not.

    I think the position of some that Ilium should not have released the product at all is unreasonable because I am sure there are many people who will/are buying it for the first time and do not want or do not need sync immediately.

    It also seems to me that claiming that Ilium should have submitted the app earlier to Apple has two problems. The first is that no matter how good the intentions, I assume that all known bugs had not been resolved earlier (bug resolution is not simply a matter of throwing more people at it). Secondly it seems that the approval time / process required by Apple is very variable. As of this writing 10:30 EST only 9 apps were approved on Sep 4th and none so far today. We know that Apple has had the app for review for at least almost two weeks now. So what would have been a reasonable expectation on the part of Ilium?

    So I will continue to wait, perhaps not patiently, but certainly with some understanding.

  11. onlydarksets

    It’s late – so what? For $10 you got a free copy of eWallet desktop.

    You already had eWallet desktop – so what? Chances are you were going to wait for the desktop to come out rather than copy all of your data MANUALLY over to SplashID.

    Ilium was a few weeks late, and you know what – I’m willing to bet they make it up to the early adopters somehow (beyond the free desktop updates).

    Now, let’s focus all of our collective anger on something worthy – like why it’s been almost 10 months since eWallet swallowed SPB, yet we have no Blackberry client yet.

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