eWallet: As seen in the New York Times…

We were pretty darn excited to discover that eWallet got mentioned in the New York Times today! Bob Tedeschi wrote an excellent article about how smartphones are opening up a new route to the internet (pg. C7). With the arrival of robust, powerful web browsers on smartphones, combined with high res screens and faster networks (not to mention WiFi), more and more people are using their phones as one of their prime gateways to the internet.

Needless to say, it’s been a ton of fun getting all this attention. Of course this also means our phones are ringing off the hook, our email server is running on overdrive, and our online store is busier than Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving!

I just want to let everyone know that we’re doing everything in our power to make sure that folks are still getting the sort of top quality support you’ve come to expect from us. Handling each contact individually, and having it handled by someone who knows what they’re doing, is a little slower than some speedy but less effective methods of support, but in the end we know we’ve done our very best to help. So we apologize if it takes us a day or so to get back to you, but we assure you that everyone with a computer here is helping out in some way so we can make sure to answer all your questions, fulfill all your orders, and reply to all your requests!

8 thoughts on “eWallet: As seen in the New York Times…

  1. Lisa

    Here’s the article – WOO HOO!

    Quick Calls

    Internet browsers are good at remembering the passwords for various sites. Now you can get a similar service for your phone. Ilium Software (IliumSoft.com) recently introduced eWallet, an application that saves personal information in an encrypted file so you can retrieve it when you visit password-protected sites. The software costs $20 for Windows Mobile and Palm phones, and $10 for iPhones.

  2. Trevor

    Congrats on the press coverage! Now get back to work!

    P.S. I’m only kidding.
    P.P.S. kidding about the back to work, not the congratulations.

  3. Ricardo

    Any [up]date on the release for the blackberry?

    Back in July we were told that it was going to be released in the next weeks, then in August we were asked to have patience…

    Please hurry guys! I am beginning to evaluate KeePass on my PC, and beginning to like it. Next step will be to test it on the Blackberry. I’ve been a loyal eWallet customer since it came on my Compaq iPaq, back in 2000(?)

    Again, the ***ONLY*** reason that I am keeping my MotoQ is because I have eWallet there and I was hoping to get it on my Blackberry.


  4. Marc

    @Roger: Not specifically, Roger. But we are continuing to work on the Web Companion (the web based version of eWallet) which should work quite well on an Archos.

  5. jason

    I agree on the blackberry version. I had a pocket pc from day one and loved ewallet. Just recently switched to blackberry and was excited to see ewallet for blackberry “in development” but it does seem like it has stalled somewhat. I am still very interested in ewallet and will buy it hour one on release day. Just try to hurry it out for the millions of blackberry users out there.

  6. Roger

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I will eagerly wait for the web based version of e.wallet.
    thanks again.

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