13 thoughts on “No Power Today

  1. J. Wagner

    I saw on the news this morning there were tornados in West Michigan (Paw Paw) and Detroit area. These were actually remnants of Ike. Hopefully, you guys are OK and it’s just the inconvenience of losing power.

  2. Norbert Buehmann

    Since putting in the 2.1 update – the ewallet has a keyboard issue when I close the program in a card and re open it. The password screen comes up but the keyboard only shows the bottom Space & Done buttons , no other keyboard input shows up??? Is this my iphone or is this a bug? I did not see this behavior before 2.1 ?

  3. Michele


    What reported by Norbert happen also to me.

    I think that is something related to the new iphone firmaware. I have read that the 2.1 cuase some problem to different application.

  4. Marc

    @Norbert: This isn’t something we’ve seen but then again we haven’t finished testing with the 2.1 update (PLEASE don’t break anything Apple!). Can you send us an email with the details (card type, what you were doing exactly, etc.) It might help us to replicate it.

    SPEAKING OF EMAIL/PHONES: The power is still out! We’re working on some plans to at least answer emails tomorrow, even if we can’t get the phones working yet.

  5. Scot

    @marc: I uninstalled the 64bit bonjour and installed the 32bit one (I have vista x64) and everything is working now… (I had previously reinstalled bonjour 64bit and that didn’t work)

  6. Paul H

    Same log-in problem here. Since the 2.1 update, when you open eWallet on the iPhone and it brings up the password log-in screen, the keyboard is blank until you click in the blank area at which point the keyboard appears. Same issue whether it is a fresh start (ie after the iPhone has been powered off) or reopening (ie moving to another app and coming back to eWallet). In the latter case it does vary: sometimes the keyboard loads normally, other times it doesn’t.

    Using latest version of eWallet with iPhone 2.1 update. Restored iPhone to its default settings and reinstalled app, issue remains.

  7. Paul H

    Further to my above comment, the blank keyboard problem arises on both iPod Touch and iPhone. Not surprising as they both use 2.1 but perhaps helpful to know it is not device specific.

  8. Shaun Downend

    Another iPhone 2.10 problem, you can no longer create a sync partnership between an iPhone and PC (Vista 64). Upon trying to create a sync partnership you get the error “An error occurred when asking the Apple device to provide the authorisation code necessary to set up a sync partnership”. It worked OK for me before updating the iPhone to the 2.1 software.

  9. Marc

    @Everyone: You might not be surprised but we get the firmware updates at the same time you do (no early updates for us). We are doing a LOT of testing right now to see if we can identify any specific problems.

    Regarding the “blank keyboard” issue, we haven’t been able to replicate this but we’re working on it and if there is a fix we can implement we will. If there isn’t, we’ll let Apple know so they can look at this!

    And thanks to all of you for sending your experiences. This sort of info is extremely helpful.

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