Best – Advisory Board – Ever!!

You folks are amazing! Thank you to everyone for all the incredible answers to my post about ListPro. I knew we’d get a couple of in-depth replies, but the sheer number of well thought out, insightful, and considerate responses were beyond my expectations. THANK YOU for all the help.

Everyone is welcome to keep posting ideas at the ListPro post and I will continue to read them. We are working right now to create a definitive roadmap for ListPro, based in large part on your responses. Once we come up with a solid plan, I’ll fill everyone in. Normally we keep this stuff a little closer to the vest, but considering the response I only think it is fair to keep you in the loop.

Thank you again! You’ve helped us out a lot with this challenge, and we’ll do our best to come back with a plan that is just as strong as your replies! In the meantime, take the weekend off! You earned it! 🙂

PS: If you asked specific question in your comments I will answer them over at the other post. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Best – Advisory Board – Ever!!

  1. Trevor

    The board wasn’t trying to help out. The board was trying to win a copy of an Iliumsoft product.

  2. Andrew

    Just a suggestion here….

    In reading a lot of the Apple Forum discussions, a common complaint is the lack of iPhone support/sync with Outlook Notes and Tasks.

    Ilium has a basic Sync Engine running, Notes and Tasks Outlook API is pretty straightforward – so have you guys considered writing a Notes or Tasks app for iPhone that syncs with Outlook?

    In Windows Mobile there were a couple successful products that did Notes sync for this very reason – WM Smartphones don’t do Notes at all.

    I for one, am a lot more interested in buying products from a reputable software company than some new kid on the App Store.

  3. Lucy

    I can’t agree more with the previous suggestion regarding To Dos and Notes. I still currently use my ageing Sony Clie with Palm Desktop (on Windows on my Mac) but have recently purchased an iPod Touch and am looking to move across to this platform. I use DateBook 4 to combine my To Dos with my calendar view all on one page – and use it every single day.

    eWallet will run on Windows, so that’s fine, Contacts and Bookmarks will sync with MobileMe. I was hoping for ListPro to port my Memos across but I don’t think I can wait so am looking at Appigo’s Notebook app and their To Do app as well. None are as good as the Palm software but I have to move onwards and upwards…

    Ilium is a great software company. Go on, write a Tasks/To Do app and a Memo/Notes app. I bet you it would sell!

  4. Dean Roberts

    Have to agree with the Outlook notes suggestion. I believe this would be a big seller. I would want it to run as a separate application because I use Mobile Me for calendar and Yahoo for mail.

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