The Last Quiet Week

While we’re all eagerly waiting for Julie’s fun contest next week, and of course for the U.S. election after that, I’ll take this chance share a few mobile-related links: – Here’s a great way to support schools and causes you believe in, with no direct cost to you. Click on a link on this page before you buy something on many major sites, including iTunes, Amazon, and eBay, and your kids’ school, or your favorite charity, gets a kickback. With no extra cost to you, some worthy cause can benefit from your purchases.

MediaBistro: Mobile Apps Today – This is one of the most interesting and useful sites I read. It’s got new info every day, and a lot of it is news I don’t find on other sites. For people who want mobile news about apps and platforms, this is a great resource.

Contact Hero – Here’s a new site that lets you manage your contacts online – optimized for mobile devices. Now that mobile’s (finally) so hot, I’m sure this is going to be a big category for popular web apps. This site does a great job of it.

And, finally, for people curious about some of the development issues we mobile developers face, there’s an interesting conversation going on at, about Why Windows Mobile Apps are Falling Behind iPhone Ones. Check it out.