eWallet 6.1.4 for iPhone – Now With Search!

Good news, everyone! eWallet for iPhone with search is out! You can get the update from the AppStore today! I think you’ll like it a lot. It works like a charm. It also includes a few tweaks and fixes. Here is the full list:

  • Search
  • Delete confirmation for cards and categories
  • Auto-lock from card edit view
  • Updated VISA and Discover card logos
  • Hidden fields now wordwrap in FlexView
  • Card now opens for viewing upon creation
  • Carriage returns missing in Notes bug fixed 

So, there you go! Let us know how you like it!

14 thoughts on “eWallet 6.1.4 for iPhone – Now With Search!

  1. Stef

    Well, I noticed the version update on the App Store both on my iPhone as well as on iTunes. The problem is that in both places, it doesn’t update my eWallet. I keep being told I am up-to-date even though I am running version 6.1.3. Is that something normal or should I start worrying?

  2. Marc Post author

    @Stef: Sorry, Stef. I just couldn’t say. The whole update process is out of our hands. Out of curiosity, do you have a Search icon in eWallet when you run it?

  3. Stef

    Nope! Nothing like a search icon. I believe its Apple’s fault. I just sent them an email. Somehow, I can’t update… I’m affraid they mistakenly removed my eWallet license from the purchased database. When I go to the app store on my iPhone, I only have the option to buy eWallet and not update. That is seriously annoying and I hope Apple will resolve this ASAP. Otherwise, I love your product, it works very well! I am just sad since I have a really big list of items in eWallet and the Search capability is a God sent gift for me…

  4. Trevor

    Wow, far better search implementation than I expected. I love how it finds search string anywhere in a word. And it’s very very very snappy, just like the sync.

  5. Wyatt

    Very nicely done. This update along with the more stable iPhone OS update seems to have the sync process working much better.

    @Stef just saw your post; have you updated iTunes and the iPhone OS yet. That may help also try a resetting the iPhone.

  6. Spikesclone

    Is there any way to search within Cards like the desktop version? I have numerous cards with Online passwords for various sites/shops within them. I still have to go through each card till I find the relevent info. Can this search be modified to look for specific words rather than cards?

  7. Marc Post author

    @Spikesclone: Search does look at the contents of a card. I assume you’re asking for something like highlighting the word within the card? So that if you have a bunch of passwords in a single card, it is easier to find that specific password WITHIN the card? If this isn’t right, drop us an email describing it a bit more. I’d like to understand your request.

    Thanks! – Marc

  8. Spikesclone

    Hi Marc, that’s exactly what I would like ewallet on the iPhone to do! The desktop client does it, so it would great if the iPhone version did it too. Thanks.

  9. Jim

    Thanks so much for the search option. This really makes eWallet more powerful so that listPro reader may be enough. There are a few suggestions in order of importance.

    The iPhone is lame for productivity. Apple has done everything possible to make each app work with no way to leverage other apps. For instance.

    1. No cut/paste. If eWallet would carry over the username and password to Safari as it does to IE on the PC it would solve a major deficiency in the app. Today, because there is no cut/paste, I have to write down the user name and password before I click the link to safari for a website login. Please try to carry over the username and password. Is it another Apple restriction?

    2. Apps (other than from Apple) can’t run in the background on the iPhone. So many very good voice recording apps can’t be used when you need them most. For example, if someone wants to give you some details during a phone call you can’t record your own voice to capture these details while on the call because the 3rd party apps can’t run.
    So with eWallet, I click to a website. Then I need to go back to eWallet to find and click to another website. I bring up eWallet and have to type the d**n password again!. I’d like eWallet to keep the time of last keystrokes and only time out after a set amount of time not just because I’m bringing up the app again 20 seconds later.
    So every time eWallet is invoked, if that time is still within some user defined time like 5 minutes – don’t require the password again.

    3. If you really want to not go further than listPro for reading, then endow eWallet with the ability to import .csv files or listPro files.

    That said – no other app on the iPhone offering encryption of data is as good as eWallet.

  10. David C.

    The new update with search works great. It was already great to have it on the iPhone but in my book this completes the port – perfect product. Thanks,

    David C.

    PS: Now I’m just looking forward to when the Blackberry version will come out so my wife can enjoy the benefits of eWallet as well….

  11. Peter C

    I’d like to say I am so pleased that this product has been ported to the iPhone having used it for many years on PocketPC platforms.

    I agree with Jim above re point 2) the eWallet timeout. Its a requirement because of the single application restrictions on the iPhone.

    Secondly, can we please have the facility to synchronise with the PC without manual intervention at both ends. Personally I’d like a completely automated synchronisation i.e. perhaps a scheduled synchronisation every x minutes. I understand that the restrictions on the iPhone don’t make this easy, and the synchronisation has to be secure, but its all to easy to forget to synchronise things. I also could imagine a world where I spend a lot of my time synchronising lots of different applications’ databases – not a place where I want to be.

  12. Marc

    @Peter: We can easily provide a sync that doesn’t require an action on both sides. The problem, is that in order for this to work, one side has to constantly broadcast (the entire time it is running) “Hey! I’m eWallet! Sync with me! Sync with me!” This is inherently insecure, and for an application that is made to ensure security that’s a really bad idea. With our method, which ensures the unique ID on both ends, you never have this scenario. I’ve seen other products that only require one side taps to sync, but this means that they are doing the highly insecure thing I described above.

    Either way, you would still need to have eWallet running on the iPhone side before you could sync. As you explained to Jim, the iPhone can’t run apps in the background and there isn’t anything else on the phone we can sync with other than our own application.

  13. Tom

    I have loved eWallet for PC since version 1.0 and now have it on my iPhone and love it!!! I hope that the desktop version for MAC comes soon since when I originally got my iPod, I was told that it was better to sync with a Mac than PC. I went out and purchased a Mac laptop for the sole purpose of syncing iPod and now iPhone. The desktop version would be invaluable in managing my iPhone version and hope it will be out soon! Keep up the outstanding work!!!

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