The last winner of the year!

Sorry I’m a little late bringing you this month’s contest winner! Marc wrote some really interesting posts yesterday and I wanted to make sure everyone had lots of time to dig in and read those before I published this entry.

So, this is it – the final blog contest winner of 2008 is about to be announced! There was a lot of great discussion in November, so the competition was fierce, but now one lucky commenter has been selected. The last contest winner of the year is: TommyC from the post eWallet for BlackBerry Open Beta. Congratulations! I just sent you an email explaining how to get your prize. If you don’t receive it, reply to this post and let me know.

To everyone else, thanks for commenting and keep it up! We’ll continue this contest in 2009, and there will be 12 more chances for you to win. Until then, if you’re up north like we are, be sure to bundle up and stay warm, and Happy Holidays!

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