Election Day is Here! We Need You!

THANK YOU to everyone who nominated us for the BestAppEver contest! Thanks to your help, eWallet and Kings Corners have made it to the finals for the BestAppEver! This means that out of 17,758 nominations for 1,259 applications, eWallet and Kings Corners made it to the Top Ten for multiple lists. What’s more, eWallet got SO many votes that it is now up for the mother-of-all awards – the Best iPhone Application Ever! You guys rock!

Now it’s time for the big game! With the field narrowed to 10 applications per category, the final voting begins. We need your vote! As before, we’ve made it easy! Just:


We need you! I’d shake your hand and kiss your babies if I could! OK, maybe that’s a little creepy, but you get the idea. Voting ends on January 6th! Winners are announced on January 7th!

Thank you!!!

PS: Yep, we’re making eWallet for Mac! I just got a new build. Card display looks great! Some additional UI elements are coming in the next week or so. Woot!

PSS: Yes, we’re still planning ListPro for iPhone. We’re experimenting with ways of transferring data. We’ll keep you updated!

5 thoughts on “Election Day is Here! We Need You!

  1. Ellen


    Thanks! I think we’re going to put off eWallet on Bits du Jour for a week or so. They had a huge server problem last week and since they were down for a few days, I volunteered to give up our spot to help them catch up. eWallet will be on Bits du Jour later in January – watch their newsletter for a definite date.

  2. Paul H

    I’m guessing you’re pleased no one is running a Most Disappointing App contest. Given your failure to release the Mac version as promised (ie ‘by the end of the year’ per your AppStore listing), you stood a very good chance of being in the Top 10, if not the winner there as well.

  3. Marc

    It’s great that you’re so passionate about eWallet. It tells me that you really care about the application. As for promises on a release, I’m sure you’ve already seen my many other replies to your previous comments on other blog posts, where I’ve tried to explain that “End of the Year” was a goal and not a promise. Yep, we’re dissapointed too. We would have loved to have it out.

    I have nothing else I can offer Paul except my apology and an assurance that it is in development. And if someone wants to run a Most Dissapointing App contest, we’re fine with that. We write some really incredible software and it makes a lot of people very happy. But we’re not afraid of criticism, and as long as our critics our civil we would never wish them silenced.

    So we’ve heard your frustration and we’re doing what we can to make the Mac version happen. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your passion for our software!

  4. Andreas

    usually I am not participating in blogs. However as a long time user of eWallet I wanted to comment Paul’s post.
    I used e-Wallet on a PDA running windows mobile some years ago in combination with the Windows desktop version. At some point I stopped using a PDA, however I did not stop using eWallet. Later on I converted to MAC, however I did not stop using eWallet (first on a remaining PC, later within Parallels). Alt this for one reason, i.e. the application being so great. I was really happy when the iPhone version was released and liking that application so much, I found a way of transfering my wallet to the iPhone, even before the sync was out (thanks for making the format open-platform-type). After the sync functionality was released, I even more liked the software.
    The only thing that is now missing to make my “eWallet life” complete is the MAC version. So, yes I am also eagerly awaiting it and yes I am also a bit dissapointed that it is not out yet.
    Anyhow I will never understand people being so ungrateful.
    This is a free world, i.e. you can buy and use whatever software you want. I can only guess you have not found a similar product for the Mac, which means you have to wait (as I have to) but please do it in a more appropriate way.
    Btw. I was also waiting for ListPro but for me you guys at ilium took too long to develop it, i.e. I found a similar product which I am now using (ListPro must be extremly convincing now to make me using it).

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