Kings Corners Free!

So you heard that Kings Corners on iPhone was the coolest game ever, but let’s face it – the economy isn’t what it used to be – and you probably thought “A dollar? For a card game? Nah, I’ll pass.” 

Well good news! We just made the decision easier for you! Now you can get Kings Corners for FREE!

That’s right, Kings Corners Free is now available in the iTunes store. It’s like an “Entertainment Bailout!”

“Now hold on a second,” I hear you saying. “What’s the catch?”

Very perceptive! Nothing is truly free in this world. In this case, the free version of Kings Corners is ad supported BUT FEAR NOT! We aren’t going to be flashing ads at you every time you start a game, or insisting that you try another product to use this one, or anything like that. Right now it’s just a little ad that pops up while the software is loading. We might do something a little fancier down the road, but even then it won’t be annoying – we hate annoying ads and we’re not going to inflict them on others.

And the good news is that you can still get Kings Corners without ads for just $1.99! We’re all about options here at Ilium Software.

So there you have it! The greatest thing to hit the world of entertainment since Donny and Marie is now FREE. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and grab your copy today!

5 thoughts on “Kings Corners Free!

  1. J. Wagner

    As someone who actually paid for this app (and plays it all the time), I sincerely appreciate the approach you’ve taken on this. You’ve made an altered version freely available why not making me feel like a total tool for paying money for this. Kudos!

  2. Kelly

    I read the blog entry and was ready to download this, but wait, it’s not for the PPC? Darn.

    BTW, I really enjoy and use NewsBreak for the PPC every day. Thanks!

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