Update from the Front Lines: iPhone ListPro

listpro100Next up on the news extravaganza is ListPro for iPhone. I know a lot of people are eagerly awaiting this one so I want to make sure to fill you all in as to what is happening, especially since we got so much incredible advice from the advisory board.

So if you’re one of those people who can’t wait to use ListPro on their iPhone, this post is for you. Read on after the jump!

ListPro for iPhone

This is another product that I’m very excited about. I just got a pre-alpha build and I can read (in a rough way) all my favorite lists on the iPhone now! Woo hoo! Originally, we had hired a contractor so that we could release ListPro for iPhone in August of last year. That didn’t work out. After some delays we ended up moving the project back in-house and had to completely reassess how to handle it (remember my blog posts about this?)

Based in large part on the response from you guys in the Advisory Board discussion, we’ve got a NEW new plan for ListPro and I am very excited about it. I really think you guys are going to like it when it is finally complete. I really can’t say too much about it – when we do that people tend to make notes and run out and copy it – but I WILL say that it won’t be a reader-only app. Now exactly what it WILL do will have to remain a secret for now, but all your existing ListPro lists will work on it.

Timetable for this? Again, I’m thinking Q2-Q3 of this year. It could be soone,r but the desktop side needs some attention as well so I don’t want to underestimate that task. As a result I’m afraid I can’t get much more accurate than this yet.

24 thoughts on “Update from the Front Lines: iPhone ListPro

  1. Mike Mullaney

    Yes!! Thanks so much for not letting this one go..

    While I have already invested in another list app.. I would gladly set it aside to have my ListPro back again…..

    GodSpeed Listpro… Get here already.

  2. Paul D

    Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to the day when I can remove SplashShopper from my iPhone and go back to ListPro.

  3. Jan Martin

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Will be waiting on pins and needles for this app. Have love it on my old Palm TX and miss it terribly on my new iPod Touch. Keep us informed on progress please and thanks again.

  4. Bill H.

    Thanks for the update. I am glad to hear that it will be more than a reader. If you need a beta tester, please keep me in mind….

  5. Jeffrey

    Yes! I’m one of those waiting for this. I’m currently “making do” with another read-only app that I’m not tbat happy with.

  6. PocketGoddess


    I have honestly been *suffering* without ListPro on my iPod Touch–there just isn’t anything out there that works for me, and exporting my lists to text so that I can email them to myself is a painful workaround at best.

    I simply can’t wait for the release–please don’t make us wait too long!

  7. Ketil

    And here is a “hurra” from a Norwegian user. I have been missing ListPro since I changed from Treo to iPhone, and am looking forward to the new version. And yes: Do you need a beta tester, I am ready!

  8. Marc Post author

    @Everyone: Thanks for the words of support. I am a hopeless ListPro addict so needless to say, I have a VERY strong personal stake in this one. I’m awaiting it as eagerly as everyone else!

    @Dennis: We don’t have plans for Mac ListPro yet. A lot of it will depend on how well Mac eWallet and iPhone ListPro do.

  9. dice1976

    OMG! Thank you! Thank you!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting since I got my iphone and been missing list pro. I’ve tried so many others but nothing stands up to what list pro did for me on my moto q (win mo)…

    If you need a beta tester, I’ve got close to 75 lists on my listpro and I’d be happy to help test.

  10. Dewaine

    Thanks so much for the update. I never did believe it would be in your best interests to put details on your update. I was just happy to know that I can get it in the not too distant future.

    Meanwhile I’m loving ewallet on my iPhone.

    After I get ListPro for iPhone, the only missing piece to make the iPhone complete for me is to get Word documents transferred to the iPhone in such a way that they can be edited there, initiated there, and sent back to the computer. That would complete my transfer from Pocket PC to iPhone.

  11. Mike

    Please hurry! Withdraw symptoms are too strong….. Been a long time user of eWallet and List Pro for many years. One of those useres which started with Palm V, then Windows mobile, back to Palm OS, back to Windows Mobile, back to Palm, back to Windows Mobile, then bam iPhone. Withdraw starts….lol.

  12. darthcontinent

    Thanks for the update and for your open discussions re future of List Pro on iPhone. As a long time user of List Pro on Pocket PC and before that Palm. I’ve been very keen to get List Pro for the iPhone & I’ve been checking AppStore each day in case it had been released.
    I guess we’ll all have to wait a little longer to see the result of your labours!

  13. MT

    It can’t come too soon.

    For now I am using another app but I will ditch it as soon as ListPro is available.

  14. Ryan

    Cannot wait until ListPro comes out. I am still carrying around my iPaq because the other list apps just doesn’t compare and just can’t bring myself to using anything else since I have had the taste of ListPro.

  15. RobertT

    Yes! ListPro for iPhone! Can’t wait!

    I have lists from iPaq days too. Really look forward to being able to read them/create new ones on my iPhone.

    Where do i sign up for beta testing? 😀

  16. Wyatt

    It’s good to hear that ListPro is on it’s way and won’t be a read only version. Many would have found it quite useless otherwise. I would hope that a Mac client will be released so that Mac users are not left out in the cold and I could ditch Windows for Mac.

  17. JimO


    I know this is difficult one. I’ve been waiting for listpro with the functionality on iphone that it has on my wimnobile device, in fact if it does not make the Q3 release then the iphone (toy) goes to one of my grandchildren as I’ve got to many databases that I use daily and at the moment am still carrying an old hp pda to run listpro.

    Have you every considered running a proper poll to find out how many users really want a fully functional listpro iphone version and what they are willing to pay.

    I am willing to pay;
    1. desktop version US$100.00 (you guys deserve the profit)
    2. iPhone version US$ 20.00 (Apple deserve a lot less comission as they caused this problem in the first place)

    I woud not mind being a beta tester, as I’ve been using listpro and ewallet since 2003 and have found nothing as good as either of them.

    If you want my US$100.00 to put into the developement kitty, respond here and I will send you via email my registration details for both products mentioned above.

    If this dosen’t work out the for my part Apple will loose out completely and I will jump fully back to winmobile 6.1 with a new pda.

    Thanks for listening.


  18. Marc

    @JimO: And thank you for posting – we’re definitely listening and doing everything we can! We’ll definitely keep you updated.

  19. Michael Wallack

    Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet?

    Just kidding. In all seriousness, though, I’m very excited to hear that ListPro for iPhone will become a reality. Ever since abandoning my Palm for an iPhone, the loss of ListPro has been one of the major things that I keep trying to find workarounds for. So far, none have done the job (if one had, I wouldn’t still be popping in to this site…).

    Plus, it was good to hear that the desktop would get some attention as well. When ListPro 5 first came out, there was some discusson (on this blog) about some of the (mostly minor) problems with v5 (the stoplights…) and a promise that it wouldn’t take as long for 5.1 as it did for 4.1. That promise was a long time ago.

    So anyway, please keep us updated on progress!

  20. Marc

    @Michael: I hear ya on the 5.1 stuff. That IS a project that got bumped by all the other stuff we had to get finished. HOWEVER it is now getting the attention it deserves – and updating the checkboxes/flags/lights/etc. is definitely on the list!

  21. Andy Whiteford

    I haven’t been back to this blog for a few weeks so of course you can imagine my excitement to read that ListPro for iPhone is very much alive and from the sounds of it, much further forward than I could ever have envisaged. I was initially very disappointed at the thought of no ListPro and was scouring around for other developers who were developing something similar – even though I knew an alternative product would never quite live up to the flexibility of ListPro. I truly hope this makes good business for you guys because ListPro is one of those rare applications that has never had an equal and iPhone users are in for a treat. While I try not to have too great expectations of the final product, you have very much made my day. I’m looking forward to this one and will ensure all I know hear about this upon release.

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