Update from the Front Lines: Mac eWallet

newspaperIt’s been a little while since I last gave folks an overall update about what’s up here at Ilium Software, so I want to take am minute today to do that. I started this as a single post but as always, I got a bit wordy so I’m breaking it up. Some of it I’ll post today, some will go up on Monday.

I have couple of reasons for doing this. First, I’m extremely excited about the future of our industry and our company. There is a lot of very cool stuff to talk about. Second, one of our blog commenters – Henry – gave me some excellent advice yesterday. Based on that I want to offer you guys some news.

First up on the agenda is Mac eWallet. If you want to know more, read on after the jump…

Mac eWallet

Mac eWallet is looking great. We have the basic UI in place and I’ve gotten some VERY positive feedback from our Mac testers. Undo turned out to be a amazingly huge job but it’s coming along nicely. Sync is tricky but at this point I don’t see any reason it won’t do most of what sync does on the desktop. The devil is in the details, however. One of the reasons I had initially believed it would be out sooner is that the initial work went very quickly with clear and visible results. Unfortunately, the detail work (much of which involves making sure it works like it should rather than adding big features) is proving quite challenging.

Another thing that happened is that in the recent past we moved ListPro for iPhone in-house (I’ll talk about that below) which forced us to outsource the Mac work. Fortunately, the guys we have working on it are GREAT – but it has meant that I have to do much more detailed specs than if I handed it off to one of the folks who have been working on eWallet for years. This takes time.

At this point, I’m guessing that it will be ready around June. Yep, that’s a long time – about 6 months later than I’d planned – but I’m trying to give a conservative estimate. Part of my estimate is based on the fact that we are going to test this baby like CRAZY. It’s a VERY complicated app that never existed before on this platform – that means we need to do TONS of testing.

Needless to say we still think Mac is a great platform to write for and eWallet for Mac IS coming out. It’s just taking longer than I’d anticipated.

18 thoughts on “Update from the Front Lines: Mac eWallet

  1. Rick Lobrecht

    Thanks for the update Marc. Obviously the timeline isn’t what we hoped for, but I’d rather you get it right.

    Any chance you’ll want some user testing of eWallet for the Mac?


  2. David

    Marc, thanks for the update on things. Are you guys working on any improvements to Listpro for WinMo, or is everything focused on the Iphone at the moment? I know that you guys are busy, I was just wondering. Thanks.

  3. Marc Post author

    @Rick: Absolutely Rick, although at this point I’m not 100% sure when that would be. At least another couple months.

    @David: Yep – check out the WinMo post I put up and watch for the advisory board post. The last big WinMo releases were the eWallet updates last June. We knew that big changes were on the horizon for WinMo OS though, and were basing out plans on that. With 6.5 going live we’re ready to start digging into the next batch of stuff!

  4. Robert Wood

    I have waited for this day for a very long time and glad it’s soon upon us! Thank you for your hard work and the time will be well worth it as us Mac users (SWITCHERS) are very loyal!!!! Since the day I ordered a Mac Mini I have been waiting for it!

    Thank you,

    From: Ilium Software
    Date: Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 13:25
    Subject: Re: Mac version…
    To: “Off. Robert Wood, Jr.”


    Thank you for your interest. I’m sorry, we currently do not have plans to release Macintosh software at this time, but I have passed your request along to our product management.

    Thanks again for contacting us and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions,

    Ilium Software

    At 1/18/2005 05:26 AM, you wrote:
    I have just recently ordered a new Mac Mini and it looks like many are
    going to try the switch… However one app that I would love to use
    on the Mac that I have on the PC is eWallet… Is there any plans to
    create a Mac version and if so will I be able to transfer/import my PC
    data to Mac???

    Thank you,
    Bob Wood

  5. Ed Leighton-Dick

    I’d also be interested in being a tester when the time comes. I’ve used eWallet for years, first on Palm, then on Windows desktop and Windows Mobile, and I’ve been hoping you’d release it on Mac so I could run it on all my computers. IMHO, it’s the best software of its kind out there, and the cross-platform syncing made it exactly what I needed.


  6. Whitney Roberts

    Thank you SO much for these updates. I now feel a lot better knowing this information and can rest easy knowing the current status of things.

    I’d definitely like to see eWallet on the Mac sooner than June (as I know everyone else would as well) but I’d rather it be right than rushed, so I’m good with this.

    Thanks for doing the right thing and getting some good information out to us users. Just please be sure to drop a status update every several weeks (if possible) to let us know how it is going – that will go a long way to keeping your customer base (both existing and potential) satisfied that progress is being made and the product hasn’t died on the vine.

  7. Paul H

    Thanks for the frank update… long overdue. Like other users, I disappointed at the time frame, but at least we now know the situation and can set our sights accordingly. Roll on June.

  8. Henry

    Thanks for the update Marc.

    Hopefully ‘reasonable’ people will now leave you in peace to focus on getting your great product to us..

  9. Dean Roberts

    Under promise, over deliver! June = end of April… wishful thinking at least!

    Thanks for the update!

  10. Daniel D

    I am also waiting for e wallet, I am confident you will launch it with no bugs and I am willing to wait. I would also like to test the beta version if possible.


  11. Evert D

    I will tell you what no one is saying. Its a disgrace that you can be so wrong with your timeline and estimates. It shows a degree of amateurism rarely seen. My purchase of eWallet was because you (the company) was saying a release for the Mac was going to be at years end, now its 6 months later. What a joke. I will never ever buy a product from Iliumsoft again.

  12. RobertT

    Lighten up, Evert. I also bought eWallet for the iPhone cos the Mac desktop version was supposed to be out soon after. I am eagerly anticipating its release and have been checking this blog regularly for news. Based on the last update, I thought it might take another year! Now they’re talking June, and that’s a conservative estimate! Not too bad at all. Course, I’d like to see it sooner, but like most, would prefer a great-working piece of software than a rushed, buggy one.

    Hey there Marc! Thanks for the news! Need another beta-tester? Just say the word!

  13. Grant

    Thanks for the update @Marc. I have the Windows & iPhone versions & am keen to get the Mac version so I can sync across platforms. Would be good to see some screen shots (when you are comfortable the UI is getting close to complete).

  14. bill

    I’ll volunteer for beta testing also. Just bellow.

    Thanks for he update. I admit to being impatient but that is nothing that I haven’t dealt with my entire life. I must be wired that way.

    Very much looking forward to the mac version.


  15. Germain

    Hi Marc, I have been a user of eWallet since the old PocketPC version (before WM2003). I can’t wait for the mac version (im using the pc version on my Mac with Crossover), If you need a beta tester please just drop me an email.

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