Fun with Passwords

Can you guess the 20 most common passwords?

Sporcle, a really fun site where I’ve been spending too much time, has a game where you do just that.

I only got 5, but looking at the answers, I maybe could have come up with at least 2 of the others, if I hadn’t given up so fast. On the other hand, I’m not convinced their answers are all that accurate. They’re very male, if nothing else.

But, if you use any of these as your passwords – don’t. Pick something a lot more secure. Your passwords aren’t protecting just your email and facebook pages. They’re protecting your money. Probably all of it except what’s in your pocket right now.

Don’t use weak passwords and don’t use the same ones everywhere. Do change them frequently and store them safely.

6 thoughts on “Fun with Passwords

  1. Kevin White

    Every time I see the “most common passwords” lists, I think of “Hackers”. Such an awesome (as in, I was filled with awe at how bad it was) movie. I wish I was a network admin bent on getting rich by demanding ransom money or else oil tankers would dump their cargo into the ocean, and who rode around on a skateboard, and had to battle Penn Gillette as a rival admin.

  2. Peter

    Completely missed 13 of the entries. Surprised that so many of these are out there. I’ll admit that in the past I’ve used one or two of those for a throwaway account, but that’s about it. I figure that more common ones involve names, dates, sports teams, etc.

    IIRC, MS has some logic that prevents people from using sequences and has a pretty good set of what makes those sequences.

  3. Kenneth Sena

    hackers are everywhere. so we must choose the most unique password for our emails, paypals, etc. be creative in creating passwords. think well. -

  4. Ken Fink

    Ha ha.. that is a really cool game. For the first two trials I din’t feel any difference. But I started noticing that It was actually getting close. Great!

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