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mac_logo147That get your attention? Thought so! Well, Mac eWallet isn’t out yet but it is being worked on. After the latest in a long line of challenges getting this project finished, I’ve pulled the project back in-house (it had been assigned to contractors). We now have one of our in-house developers assigned to the project full-time.

I still can’t tell you too much about it BUT I will offer a few tidbits. First, it looks every bit as good as the iPhone version of the software does. Second, it has a distinctly “Mac” interface – we didn’t just port over a copy of desktop eWallet – we know full well that you Mac folks have certain expectations and we’re doing what we can to meet those expectations. At the same time, the end result is something you’ll still recognize – one look and you’ll say “Hey! It’s eWallet!” Getting it that way was tricky but I think you’ll be please.

Of course not as pleased as actually GETTING it I imagine. I’m still hoping for a release mid-year, but that’s as close as I can get at the moment. We’ll keep you updated, though!

40 thoughts on “Mac eWallet

  1. Stef

    That’s good news for all of us in the “Mac” community! We’ll be looking forward to more news on the subject.

  2. Donovan

    Thanks for the update, which is better than no news. Can’t say the ultimate implication of this though helps me with the waiting. I’m very glad that you are developing a mac version though!

  3. Mark

    Great news. I was beginning to worry. eWallet for the Mac will allow me to remove all the post-its my fiance has attached to the iMac so she can remember her codes and passwords. Great software and a clean Mac is coming!

  4. Whitney Roberts

    This is awesome news and a definite thanks for an update!

    I bet that creating eWallet is no small task and I want you guys to know that we really appreciate it!

  5. Paul H

    Your February post indicated a June launch was an intentionally conservative estimate to ensure it could be met. Today’s ‘hopeful’ post is disconcertingly reminiscent of last year’s stream of messages trying to mitigate the failure to meet the original December release commitment (per your original sales literature).

    Like many other users who feel badly letdown by Ilium, I’m hopeful you will restore our confidence with a June launch.

  6. George


    I have lost my data now twice for some or other reason.
    Retyping all that data on the iPhone is just tooo much!

  7. Christo

    This is great news for me too. At the moment eWallet is one of the few reasons I will power up Parallels on my Mac, if I want to sync changes that I made on the iPhone.

  8. doogald

    Fantastic news! These days I’m only using Parallels to look up things in eWallet and ListPro. It’ll be great to have both apps Mac native; it’ll save me a ton of disk space, that’s for sure!

    Thanks for the update.

  9. StephenV

    I too, only use VMware fusion to log into to windows to update my eWallet – will buy several copies when it comes out, as will my colleagues. Keep up the good work.

  10. Henry

    Illium, Thank-you.

    It’s good to get an occasional update and we appreciate that it will be ready “when it is ready” and up to your usual great standards. I for one, would rather you maintain them, so that I can trust my most crucial information to your application.


  11. Dean Roberts

    I guess it was at least time to mention it. There really is no news in your statement which has already been pointed out by another poster.

    I would like it yesterday but am happy knowing that your product will be second to none when released!

    Please “fix” the limitation of the small text when reading a card on the iPhone!

  12. Tom Capote

    To all those running Fusion or Parallels, another, very light weight option is Crossover , by codeweavers. There is no need to buy, install or maintain a windows OS install. Crossover is a customized WINE install.

    I run the PC version of eWallet, without booting any windows os, under my Mac OS X and starts very quickly.

    I do not work for either of these companies, just a VERY happy customer of both eWallet and CrossOver.

    I am still looking forward for the native OS X release, but until then, this is another, extremely viable option.


  13. LexLuther

    I am waiting with bated (?) breathe!!! eWallet is the ONLY app that keep me keeping an old thinkpad around this insanely mac household. I do use Windows on parallels as well but it seems to be easier to just fire up the Thinkpad rather than fuss with Parallels.

    //Hey doogald, why not free up some space and run your parallels version on an external hardrive? It has to be a firewire drive though. Just copy over all the image files and then point it to the external drive when you start parallels. Just as fast for me on a MBP and works fine.

    Anyway, keep it going guys. I love your work and appreciate your efforts. As a customer since your early palm versions, you are one of my stalwart apps. Thanks!!!

  14. Lex Schellings

    Wonderful news. I still have to have Windows on my Mac because of 2 applications that only work in Windows, and am using the windows V6 version to sync with the iPhone. Works great. I am a customer from V1 and 2 and… Worked great all these years. But still…. eagerly waiting for the Mac version. Keep doing the good things.

  15. kcb

    Good to know it’s still coming. Big fan of eWallet from the Palm OS days and looking forward to getting some iPhone – Mac sync action going.

  16. Bob

    Well, as one of the early adopters of eWallet PC version, and now that my iPhone lead me to getting a Mac (well, the iPhone and having my latest PC stolen in Brazil), I am HUNGRY for this. I’ve become quite dependent on my eWallet, and rebooting to my bootcamp PC partition to access by eWallet just doesn’t do the trick. Please keep me informed!

  17. Stacy

    I was praying this would be out in time for my trip to Europe (May 29) but I’ll be relieved whenever it finally arrives.

    My poor little .wlt file needs a home 🙂

  18. Mark

    Well, right now I only have the i phone and I am really a dependent. Is that sane? is that normal? Are you agree that nowadays we can’t go out without the cell phone? you have everything you can need there, music, a map, a phone… I mean everything… but what happens when you forget it? you feel you are nothing…god bless internet… !

  19. David

    i think the ewallet will be really great, i can’t wait to see it! the middle of the year would be great. but i’m not getting my hopes up too high.

  20. Peter

    I was just about to switch, but there was no other interesting alternative, ie. crossplatform windows, osx, iPhone, so I guess I’ll wait a few months more… Puh…

  21. Tom Terry

    Too Cool!

    I am converting 100% from PC to MAC – Mac eWallet will be the final step, I can’t wait!

  22. Andrew

    Feature suggestion for Mac and Windows desktop eWallet:

    If set to “Lock Wallet after X minutes inactivity” eWallet closes automatically. This is a great security feature,

    BUT, if I am in the process of creating a new entry and forget to save it, the wallet closes and I lose it. I just noticed it recently as I created a bunch of new entries over the last few days.

    Maybe have a warning – eWallet is closing due to inactivity but you have an unsaved entry open…..

  23. Tony

    Just sent you an email @info – asking exactly this – didn’t catch the lead in the Google Search until just a minute ago.
    I’m glad to see that you’re seeing the need by all the responses. Me too, I anxiously await this development because doing it through Parallel sucks bad.
    I can’t wait to get that darn thing off my computer.

    So drive on guys and gals – we wait patiently for your continued success!!

  24. Ian Goulbourne

    Good news for me tonight as have just downloaded the Mac version of Handbase Plus – so I can now run my Handbase databases on the Mac and synch them.

    My process of transfer from Win XP to Mac is now almost complete – all I need now is eWallet and Listpro on the Mac with iPhone synch to both! I feel that I have almost completed a large and intricate jigsaw, but have 2 vital pieces missing!

    Perhaps the Ilium Software fairy will visit us in May?

  25. Florence

    Hooray, so glad to come across this entry while looking up eWallet! I too have the iPhone and Windows versions, but my old Sony laptop died and my data is on my iPhone only which is slightly alarming as I can’t sync or back up the data to anything right now.

    Will look into Crossover and try syncing my data from the iPhone to eWallet there for the meantime… I’d be devastated if I lost my data!

    Cheers and looking forward to eWallet for Mac!

  26. David C

    Is there a specific Mac Desktop availability mailing list we can sign up for to get an alert when the Mac Desktop version is available? If so, sign me up!! (or at least let me know how I can get myself on the list :-))

  27. Kevin K

    Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I couldn’t locate a better one to ask my question. I love eWallet and can’t imagine not having it any more but I am absolutely mad for a new Palm Pre and plan to get one as soon as it is available. Please tell me you are working on a WebOS version of eWallet.

  28. Rose

    This is great news for all Mac users. Now you need to do the same for Listpro. Mac users have been asking for it for 4+ years now!

  29. Kar Ki Chan

    Have been using eWallet since 2005. Recently, sick of Vista and move to mac (so much better now)….. already using iPod eWallet. Can’t wait to port the desktop version too !!!

  30. Wolf

    Can’t wait either! Tried eWallet on my Mac using Wine / Darwine, works, but no sync with Windows Mobile! Or did anybody find a way?

  31. Mauricio Curi

    It’s what I need to finish PC to Mac migration. Thanks for the good news!

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