Our 12th Anniversary!

12 YearsToday is our 12 year anniversary! Yes, we’ve been making and selling mobile and desktop software for 12 years. How amazing is that?

I wish I could take credit for it all, but I’m a little too honest for that. We’ve been smart – I’ll never downplay that – but we’ve been very lucky too. I never know what the future of mobile software will be like, but we’ll be trying hard to keep up with it, without compromising our commitments to high quality software, in-house development, ethical business practices, and world-class tech and customer support.

Of course we couldn’t have done it without our many supporters: writers, reviewers, customers, beta testers, friends, colleagues, supporters, partners, and everyone who send us suggestions, information and kind words. Many, many, many thanks to everyone.

And particularly to the people I never remember to thank (at least not on the blog) – the committed, talented, and patient people who make up Ilium Software. To develop, test, release, maintain, support, distribute, market and sell the stuff we do is an amazing accomplishment, especially given how many of us are really making it up as we go along. If you’re reading this, please join me in celebrating this incredible accomplishment.

Julie’s got a week of sales and giveaways planned, so be sure to stick around. The sale has already started in our online store, and the first blog contest will be posted soon, with lots of chances to win great prizes!

AND – we’re on Twitter. Better late than never, I hope. Check us out at http://twitter.com/iliumsoftware

6 thoughts on “Our 12th Anniversary!

  1. DavidB

    Congrats on the anniversary to the company and team, well done.

    And welcome to Twitter,,,,,

  2. Pat


    Thanks for the software sale. Will the discount be applicable for software upgrades or if we add another device.

  3. Julie

    Hi Pat,

    The $12 discount applies to any purchase as soon as it’s over $13.00 – the cart takes the discount out automatically.

    So, $16.95 upgrade prices will be $4.95 – and as for the $10.00 add-on pricing, well, the discount won’t apply to that. But, if you add a platform at the regular $19.95 price, the sale applies and will be a little cheaper than the normal upgrade price.

    Remember, the sale’s only good through Friday, so be sure to do your shopping before then!

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