Winners: Kickin’ it old school

12 YearsYesterday’s contest took us all for a walk down memory lane – and does anyone else find it strange that two of the comments were from people living in Zimbabwe when they were 12? One of those weird little coincidences, for sure.

Anyway, on to what you really want to know: the winners! There were a lot of great stories that reminded some of us here of our own childhoods. But, unfortunately, not everyone can win, so we finally settled on our four favorites.

The first place winner of a $50 Amazon or iTunes gift card is Robbie – your brilliant plan to use “Pong” to (try to) win yourself a girl won us over during voting!

Our three runners-up, who each receive a $25 Amazon or iTunes gift card, are: Singh (your calculator watch was probably pretty cool back then – I remember those), Melvyn (I actually do believe about your teacher’s name; it’s one of those things that’s so awful, it has to be true), and Patrick (wow – I didn’t have to run the mile until high school, but it was still dreadful then).

Winners, I’ll be contacting you via email to find out which store you’d like your gift card from. If you don’t get that email later today, reply to this post to let me know.

So, let’s give a big round of congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone for playing and sharing your stories from yesteryear. There is one more contest coming tomorrow, so don’t stray too far from our blog because you won’t want to miss another chance to win a big prize!

And just a reminder: we’ve got a big anniversary sale running on our site this week too. All the software in our online store, and eWallet on the iPhone App Store, are discounted BIG right now. Check it out here!

2 thoughts on “Winners: Kickin’ it old school

  1. MikeCTZA

    Congrats Robbie (and runners up). I’ll be back for the next round. Julie, thanks for the contests, they’re great !!

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