eWallet for BlackBerry Update

I’m excited to announced that we just released a new version of eWallet for BlackBerry with our good friends over at WebIS. This latest release is a free upgrade for current eWallet for BlackBerry customers. It addresses a few minor bugs but also adds a number of great features.

UPDATE: This upgrade will change the version of both the eWallet sync add-in for Blackberry Desktop Manager, and the Blackberry version, to The desktop eWallet does not change – it will stay at

One of my favorite features is the updated UI with focus on the touch interface of the BlackBerry Storm. Here’s a screenshot showing a little of what this new version has to offer:

Other features include:

  • A new Quick Search that makes it easy to find the info you’re looking for.
  • Easier first time synching so that new users can get synching faster.
  • Support for landscape mode.
  • Improved scroll speeds, category behavior, and more.

If you are an existing BlackBerry user you definitely want this upgrade. We’ll be notifying all BlackBerry users soon and will provide you with download links!

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19 thoughts on “eWallet for BlackBerry Update

  1. RC

    Did the download but it looks to be the same version. I ran the Desktop Manager and it does not see it as a new version.

  2. Rob

    In addition to the issues with upgrade affecting the BB (only), the original paid registration number for version 6.1 is now INVALID for the upgrade?

    What gives?

  3. Marc Post author

    @Q: The desktop version is the same.

    @sponch: BB, Win

    @Rob: To support the BlackBerry appstore we had to change the unlock code system – we’re sending everyone new codes. They should have been included with the announcement email but they weren’t. Folks should get them within the next 1/2 hour. Sorry about that.

  4. Don

    What a mess of an upgrade. I can’t imagine someone upgrading who has minimal computer skills!

    After a couple tries I finally got the BB installed but the registrations code doesn’t work. I see they are sending out in email shortly as they were changed. Be nice if it were sent out at the time of the release?

    Upgrade doesn’t install on PC. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still get version I get errors when syncing with BB. Please help.

  5. Rob

    Just received the new registration number…thanks! Works fine.

    In short: a very nice upgrade. I absolutely love the Quick Search feature especially and the overall speed has noticably improved! Long overdue but worth the wait.

  6. Phil

    I haven’t received the new registration number yet. But the download and install went without a hitch.

  7. Deborah Lindsey

    I purchased this and I have the Verizon Storm 9530. You need to provide detail instructions on how to synch this. I imported SplashID and I want to synch the file but I can’t. I am very computer savey but am feeling like a complete ding dong. I need assistance.

  8. Jeff Marraccini

    Nice job on the update, works superb on the Storm. Of course, it’s nice also being able to still sync to my other SyncPro destinations through eWallet Desktop.

    Kudos WebIS and Ilium Software!

  9. Wendy B

    So when are you going to publish the program we Blackberry users REALLY REALLY want: Listpro.

    I won’t give up my Blackberry because of its international email which saves me hundresds of $ a day in some countries. But if I could, it would be to get Listpro back.

    I keep hoping that, if you don’t publish it for Blackberry, that one of your competitors will come up with a similar program. But so far none has.

    I hope you realize how many Blackberry users there are out there. It a huge reserve for your terrific program

  10. Rich B

    I have the PC and BB version of EWallet. I want to load it on to my 8830 which I only use for business, and we run BES, so I don’t have Desktop Manager loaded. I mentioned this to our IT department and they advised against doing so. They said that when DM is loaded it will acquire my personal email address from the version of Outlook that’s on my PC and will register it with BB. He said that I’ll then start receiving a lot of annoying Network messages.

    Is this correct?



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