eWallet for iPhone OS 3.0 is Out!

ewi_bignGood news! It only took three weeks (ack!) but the eWallet update is approved! The point of the update was to tweak a few things that cropped up after 3.0 was released. As you probably know, Apple is retesting every app under 3.0 so we wanted to make sure that there were no problems. Even the things we did fix are so minor I bet most folks never would have seen them (like a funky keyboard appearance where is popped up instead of slid up with animation.)

Oh – and since it will surely come up – yes, we have plans underway to include some of the new 3.0 OS features in eWallet. As some of you already know, I am not a fan of predicting release dates but suffice it to say there will be updates that embrace 3.0 in the future!

If you already own eWallet you can get it through the usual Application Upgrade process on your phone or in iTunes. If you don’t own eWallet yet, you definitely want to get a copy! It’s a fantastic application! You can check it out here.

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24 thoughts on “eWallet for iPhone OS 3.0 is Out!

  1. Marc Post author

    @Rod: You mean that we want to take advantage of? I can’t talk about all our ideas, but copy/paste is unquestionably at the top of the list.

  2. Rod

    Ahhhh. That makes sense.
    Yes, I was trying to think about what the new features in is 3.0 you’d be implementing.
    Thanks. Copy and paste would be handy. I’ve gotten so used to not having it, I keep forgetting I have it.

  3. Dennis

    Okay, how about Listpro? Seems like this is taking forever and there is NOTHING else out there that can compare. Since switching to a Mac and an iPhone, Listpro is the thing I miss the MOST!

  4. Bill H.


    Last week you posted the following about the eWallet upgrade:

    “Our core iPhone guy is focused on ListPro at the moment but once he gets that done, some updates for eWallet are next on the list so keep emailing us your requests.”

    Please give us any information you can on the ListPro process: main issues to overcome in programming, will there be an upgrade to the PC version, anything…

    From your tweets, you have showed the program to Apple (WWDC post on 6-9 about feedback on UI, 6-10 about how “The Apple people loved ListPro”), so give us a little update, please……..

    PS: I am still available for Beta testing!

  5. Martin S

    re eWallet – could you kindly confirm what the version number should say on eWallet Info from the iPhone? my device says: v 6.1.6 Build 130? is this the latest version for the Iphone v3.0.

    Could you also kindly confirm if the issue regarding wiping the iphone copy of my ewallet everytime a new patch/version is downloaded via the AppStore. A tad annoying and would dearly love the app more if this was now fixed?

    Many thanks

  6. Marc Post author

    @Dennis & Bill: Thanks for asking. As I warned in a previous post expect me to be a little vague about LP. Featurewise I have to keep a pretty tight lid on things – what we’re doing is very cool and I don’t want to give a competitor a heads-up. What the developer is working on right now is the synchronization. This is a complicated task for ANY program but the near infinite possibilities that ListPro gives users for customization makes it an incredible challenge. Throw in the COMPLETE LACK OF USB SYNC CAPABILITIES (PLEASE, APPLE! PLEASE!!!) and there is a lot to accomplish. He’s gotten some basic synching to work, however, so progress IS being made!

    @Martin: OVERWRITE – this was not (I REPEAT) not our fault or ANYTHING we have control over. Apple had a bug in their install process (they admitted this, although naturally no press release was sent out) that did this. If you read reviews for other apps you’ll find LOTS of people got bit by it. They assure us that it is fixed and at this point, we aren’t seeing ANYONE lose data so we believe them. Yes, I feel your pain – we were horrified when this happened and even more horrified that it wasn’t our fault and couldn’t do anything about it – I am quite confident that this is no longer an issue.


  7. Brian Percival

    I LOVE Ewallet & use it everyday. My only disappointment is
    that is have to spend more money for the sync part that is
    obviously part of the core Ewallet app. Please! Includebit for us budget
    restricted iPhone Ewallet lovers!

  8. Alex


    Thanks for the apology regarding the troubles you are having with the release of ewallet for Mac back in May.

    To say I am hanging out for this is an understatement!

    The frustration I am having with sync back and forwards b/w my old windows xp.PC..means I am petrified to backup my iphone ewallet onto the P.C.

    The bad side of this is everytime I go to update my ewallet iphone app: itunes erases my ewallet data..so I have to go back to restoring the 6 months old wallet file from the PC.

    I inevitably lose all the recent data I have entered into the iphone. So I am paralysed. I no longer enter data into the iphone and use the program how it should be used: which is a real pitty!

    But I forgive you. I really appreciate your honesty. I’m sure this sort of sync stuff must be real difficult. I am loyal to such people like you in the software world. So I’ll stick by. If only there were more like you!

    But geez Marc. This has to be soon coming. Surely!

  9. Kerim Satirli

    I bet one of the new 3.0 features will be geo-sensitive passwords, so for example, eWallet wont show your passwords for that online poker site if the wife is anywhere close.

    Could save some of us a great deal of trouble…

  10. Kerim Satirli

    and then of course, there will be the ‘shake-to-shuffle’ and eWallet will give you a random password you have not used in a while, to make you come back.

    The feature will reintroduce you to a service you have not visited in a while, you will spend money there and this, in turn, will make the economy better.

  11. Chris

    Is copy and paste supported as I couldn’t seem to use this? This would be a very useful feature.

  12. Marc

    @Chris and Re-Roof: Right now you can copy and paste from the edit view in eWallet, but we haven’t implemented it from the card face. That (card face copy/paste) is the feature we’re working on for the next release.

  13. Wyatt

    How about making eWallet sync without having to press sync in both the desktop and iPhone apps. That takes away from the simplicity of syncing. It would be easier to just start sync in either app and that’s it like with Documents To Go.

  14. Marc

    @Wyatt: There are a few reasons for teh extra steps. First, eWallet has to be running on the iPhone. This is a limitation of the iPhone OS. Next, the iPhone needs to tell the desktop it is ready to sync (another iPhone limitation). Now we COULD have they iPhone constantly broadcasting “I’m ready to sync!” when you’re running eWallet, and for some apps that would be great, but NOT for a secure information manager. Add all this up and you simply must have both eWallet running AND sync activated on the iPhone side. They are limits of the OS.

    On the desktop side, assuming you start sync from the iPhone, we could have the desktop constantly broadcasting “Hello! I have eWallet and I’m ready to sync.” Again, though, while this is a great time saver for a less secure app, for a secure information manager, this is just a bad idea – period. You don’t want to tell the whole world you have eWallet and you’re ready to send the file.

    So in the end it’s about security AND about the limits of the iPhone OS.

    Now – IF Apple would let us sync through the USB cable we could get rid of most of this stuff, but for now – with wireless the only option – we’re kind of stuck with the setup we have.

  15. Dean Roberts

    I don’t mind the way sync is set up. I must not sync
    as much as others.

    I would really like to see an update to ewallet
    soon that allows for zooming as well as other things. It’s overdue!

  16. David C.

    This goes in the eWallet for Mac discussion, but that one seems to be closed, so I’m putting it here. I know you guys have gotten a lot of flak about your eWallet for Mac, especially since its now over a year since you submitted the eWallet for iPhone app to the appstore. Some of us still have confidence in that a Mac version will be coming out soon. I know you have decided not to predict a release date as that has gotten you in trouble several times. However, can you give an update on how its going? Last I read I think you had taken it from an outsourced developer and brought it in-house. I then can’t remember if you guys spun it back out again or not. But it would be great if we could get an update on how its going, how the current developer/development process is working, whether you are making forward progress or not (slow but steady is better than having to restart), etc. Palm seemed to have finally gotten their act together after many years, but they lost many customers (including me) in the process. Fortunately I can hold out for eWallet for Mac longer(I need a PC for work anyway), but I hope this doesn’t become a similar story to Palm’s. Any news would be much appreciated at this point. Thanks in advance for the update.

  17. David C.

    Here’s an idea for improving sync, but it may not be possible. Hook it up to the new alerts functionality. Have the desktop send the iPhone an alert when you choose to sync from the desktop, and then the iPhone user would then just hit OK for it to sync. It would cut down a step or two. However, if alerting needs to go through the phone network of the iPhone, it may not make sense. Just a thought.

  18. Marc Post author

    @David C: We’re still working on it. As the year progresses, I think everyone will finally see why we are SO busy around here, but unfortunately I can’t say a lot more yet. I will say that I was just talking over some new Mac changes today, and we currently have about four people outside the office and not working for us using the Mac version – it exists and progress is being made!

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