A Snail Mail Story

Someone here – and I won’t name names – forgot to pick up our physical mail for a few weeks. Like 12. And none of us noticed.

If we’d done this years ago, we’d be in trouble. Our phones would have been turned off, as well as our internet, and we’d have racked up some serious late charges on the credit cards, if not had them cancelled as well.

But since we’ve been moving more and more of our bills to electronic only, it turns out that ignoring our paper mail for over two months wasn’t a big deal. Macworld sent a few testy “reminders” about our bill, and at least a few of us now have bigger than usual piles of stuff to read, but the only real problem was that Marc had ordered some live tadpoles to be sent here, and by the time we found them, they weren’t live anymore.

Sorry guys.

But it pointed out very clearly how unimportant physical mail has become. I wonder how long daily delivery will hang on.

5 thoughts on “A Snail Mail Story

  1. Ellen Post author

    And, no, I don’t know why the mail carrier didn’t stop by and point out to us that our box was full.

  2. Ellen

    And I have no idea why Marc was ordering live tadpoles to be sent to our office. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to find out.

  3. Missive Maven

    Snail mail is still essential. Aside from those of us that still write and cherish personal letters, there are some things – legal documents, certain contracts – that can only be delivered in person.

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