No, Bob. “Password” Isn’t a Good One.

oopsHi Twitter Management,

Correction: This post was originally meant to be tongue-in-cheek, where we would offer Twitter employees a free copy of eWallet to keep track of their passwords. It’s not an offer for the general public.

It looks like you’re having a little problem with your passwords. I know you know that using “password” isn’t a good idea, but I imagine you’ve all probably been pretty busy lately.

We’ve got this program called eWallet – you may have heard of it. It not only lets you store passwords safely so that you don’t have to pick the ones anyone can remember – and hack – but it also has a built-in password generator so you don’t even have to think of one. It’s network compatible, so your trusted employees (though you might want to rethink them as well, from what I’ve been reading) can all use it, and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones.

I’d be happy to give you a copy! No charge – consider it thanks for giving us all yet another way to feed our internet addictions. Just get in touch with our Customer Service guys, and we’ll get you your copy.

6 thoughts on “No, Bob. “Password” Isn’t a Good One.

  1. Patrick

    I have to admit, it drives me nuts when sites (even banking sites quite often) force you into using weak passwords. I think it’s ridiculous that banks often will not accept a 15 character password.

    I also had an issue with my web hosting company recently – where various actions failed (a new domain registration for example) because my password was too long (21 chars) – and never let me know they had failed.

  2. Jay

    Ever since I heard about the problems with Twitter it has made me even less interested in using their service. I still don’t get how it has anything that sets it apart from Facebook anyway, but whatever.

  3. Henry

    Great program, but even now, a long time loyal customer, is running out of patience for a Mac version or news about it. Please, please, please tell me if I should bother waiting or should I go elsewhere?

  4. Marc

    @Henry: I wish I could give you more information, Henry. What I can tell you is that we ARE making a Mac version. If you can’t wait, however, we certainly understand.

  5. Henry

    Marc, you could tell us what stage of development you are at. Alpha testing, Beta testing or not even finished the 1st draft. Throw us a bone, please.

    Providing a release date, quite rightly, is not something you may want to do, but give us something/anything, a screen shot or two? An idea of which Month, Qtr, Year this may happen.

    I for one at starting to doubt Ilium’s commitment and desire – and that’s from someone that has been loyal for many years and has ’til now been really happy with the great job you guys have done.

  6. Marc

    @Henry: Somewhere between Alpha and Beta and that’s because it doesn’t sync yet. Minor detail. 🙂

    And I understand your frustration. We want this thing out too! We’ve just got a lot on our plate at the moment, most of which we can’t talk about due to NDAs and similar issues.

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