eWallet iPhone Update Sent to Apple!

We added a new feature to eWallet on the iPhone! The update is submitted and as soon as the approval goes through, I’ll let everyone know the details. In the meantime, here is a “subtle” hint about what the new feature is! 🙂


14 thoughts on “eWallet iPhone Update Sent to Apple!

  1. Adolfo

    Ok, now we will be able to use copy/paste, that is a nice add, but what I’m really missing is a way to sinchronize attached pictures between my iPhone and PC. will you one day offer this feature? It would really be great.

  2. Martin Herrera

    Without trying to be a pain… are there any news for the mac version? I follow your posts regularly, but I don’t recall any recent news and a lot of time has gone by. Any surprises in the horizon? Thanks.

  3. Dennis Goshorn

    Any news on Listpro for Mac and iPhone? It’s been along time since we’ve heard anything.

  4. Adrian

    Quick question – If I buy the current iPhone app today – will I receive a free update to this new one when it becomes available? I know this would be the case with the Windows apps, but not sure how the Apple App Store works with upgrades… I can patiently wait for another week or two 🙂

  5. Marc Post author

    @Adrian: All upgrades are free in the AppStore. Apple doesn’t have a (good) way to do paid upgrades.

    @Dennis and Martin: In progress!

  6. Marc Post author

    @Jamus: Actually, the international settings already handle this automatically. If you are using a “Date” field, the date is displayed in the format set down by the device’s (not eWallet’s) settings. (Home Screen->Settings->General->International->Region Format)

  7. David C

    Yeah, I’m following another app from a different company as well that was submitted on August 5, and it hasn’t come through either. Apple apparently told them last week that they are behind and can’t meet their 2 day to 2 week normal SLA and that instead it could take a total of up to 3 or 4 weeks.

    I wish Apple would prioritize paid apps, and give priority to updates since they have already passed a certain level of review from the previous version (they may already do this, I’m just speculating that they don’t).

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